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Isn't the solution everyone in N95 masks?

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Miljea Thu 14-May-20 01:05:05

Just thinking....

I don't know what the transmission rate of viruses from N95 mask wearers is; I assume it's low. Am prepared for correction, here!

But, what about, instead of 'lockdown until vaccine' (whenever that might be) mass production, fit-testing and mandatory wearing of such masks for those able to do so?

It's not a great 'new normal', but surely possibly more effective than acrylic barriers?

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GreenPlum Thu 14-May-20 11:37:32

I agree!

LuckyMarmiteLover Thu 14-May-20 11:40:36

Yes sounds sensible

cotswoldsapple Thu 14-May-20 11:41:47

Yes ! Of course it is. Go onto any live webcams in the streets in Asia. Eg Shibuya Tokyo and you will see activity ~ but every person in masks.

Hearhoovesthinkzebras Thu 14-May-20 11:43:52

I think this is definitely the case. It's only because there's a shortage that government haven't implemented it, I'm sure. We must surely have factories in the UK though that could make these?

PicsInRed Thu 14-May-20 11:55:20

I think so.
N95s though are quite reliant on good fit (for both operation and also so that the eyes aren't covered) and would need to be provided in male and female face shape with varying sizes - as well as child/juvenile size. At the moment there seems to he stock available in large/male/adult which is fine unless you are a small faced female or child. I'm not sure if there are also fit issues depending on ethnicity re: face shape?

Once those issues are ironed out, N95s would be an excellent idea for short term use in enclosed spaces.

cotswoldsapple Thu 14-May-20 11:56:44

Yes, many countries including our neighbours like France have been setting up manufacturing. It takes flexibility and a willingness for hard work. Can UK step up and do it too?

BeforeIPutOnMyMakeup Thu 14-May-20 11:57:00

But @Hearhoovesthinkzebras they won't be of NHS standard which is why factories are sending PPE abroad.

(Sorry this government is full of charlatans and liars.)

cotswoldsapple Thu 14-May-20 11:57:38

Of course it’s not as easy as clicking to order from china on amazon, but it’s now a question of national security, health and safety, and entreprenership

cotswoldsapple Thu 14-May-20 12:01:01

We have world-leading unis and supposedly some of the best Material Engineering courses in the world. Resources can also come from friendly countries like Taiwan, Philippines, Australia, Vietnam ....

BeforeIPutOnMyMakeup Thu 14-May-20 12:01:21

@cotswoldsapple have you not seen the seamstresses, tailors and costume makers making scrubs? Have you not seen the school, colleges, universities, individual people and factories making visors? Have you not heard manufacturers complaining about being ignored by the government so shipping PPE to other European countries?

As I remember from one of my jobs a few years ago as members of the European Union we were in the organisations that decided on the requirements for such equipment.

Reallybadidea Thu 14-May-20 12:02:52

Properly fitted ffp3 (which the UK standard and is higher than n95) masks are incredibly uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, so I think compliance would be very limited. Not to mention that the majority are single use and need changing every single time you remove it to eat or drink. The number that would be required for every single person in the country would be absolutely astronomical - hundreds of millions a day.

SnuggyBuggy Thu 14-May-20 12:03:23

Not it would work with small children but it would be an improvement and it's a better new normal than social distancing.

Hearhoovesthinkzebras Thu 14-May-20 12:13:30

It would be good to have the option though of something that could protect the wearer. I can wear a mask now but that only protects others from me. For me to be protected everyone else needs to wear one and if they don't then I'm at risk. If there was a mask that I could wear, that protected me, then maybe I could start to go out again, possibly to work. That would make such a difference to my life that I would put up with discomfort and the limitations of changing it etc.

cotswoldsapple Thu 14-May-20 12:15:20

@before yes, that’s so amazing. But this thread is about N95 masks

cotswoldsapple Thu 14-May-20 12:16:32

In Hong Kong the population are being given them in washable material infused with copper, called Cu+

mrbob Thu 14-May-20 12:16:52

N95 masks are not the ones everyone is wearing in the streets. They are specific and have to be fit tested to each individual.
You would still have to wear them all the time outside, not touch your face or use your phone. Then when you got home you would have to take all your clothes off at the door, sanitise your hands, take your mask off in a specific way and dispose of it, sanitise again, get in the shower... oh and clean everything you touched while out like your phone and your purse

mrbob Thu 14-May-20 12:17:09

It’s not just about the mask

mrbob Thu 14-May-20 12:18:10

Oh and if you had to eat or drink you would need to remove it correctly and put a new one on afterwards

CadburysTastesVileNow Thu 14-May-20 12:18:43

I read somewhere that the eyes are a key point of entry for the virus ...

SpillTheTeaa Thu 14-May-20 12:22:21

They are only effective if you wear them properly. They have to be applied in a certain way. It isn't just as simple as pop it on, done

TheFaerieQueene Thu 14-May-20 12:23:46

If you don’t regularly wear a face mask, they are very uncomfortable and difficult to get used too (n95 more than more basic types). Every time you touch the mask, you need to remove and disposed of it, wash you hands and start again. It isn’t feasible in this country, people won’t do it - or use them properly.
In Asia, people wear masks routinely if they have a cold/virus, so are used to them and know how they work.

Wingedharpy Thu 14-May-20 12:36:29

As a shielder, masks are my only hope, I think, of being able to venture out from my cave.

I wish they would make them compulsory though, as they will only be of any use if everyone is wearing them.

Something reusable would be good, and coupled with the social distancing measures and hand washing etc, must surely be better than nothing.

The Hong Kong ones sound interesting @cotswoldsapple. Any more information on these?

Laniakea Thu 14-May-20 12:39:45

Most of the people I’ve seen wearing masks have huge gaps around the cheeks & in front of the ears - useless but I guess it makes people feel better to do something.

cotswoldsapple Thu 14-May-20 12:41:57

@faerie “In Asia, people wear masks routinely if they have a cold/virus, so are used to them and know how they work.” No, before SARS they didn’t much.

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