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Asthma, combination inhaler Flutiform or similar

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Kirschcherry Wed 13-May-20 17:42:19

The guidance I can find is a bit vague.

My understanding is that if you are asthmatic and need to take a combination inhaler that contains a long-acting bronchodilator at a high daily steroid dose - like Seretide, Symbicort, Flutiform, etc, you are pretty vulnerable to the virus and should be self isolating if at all possible.

I wondered what other people who are prescribed these have been advised? Are you self isolating or carrying on and going out?


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Beebyonthewold Wed 13-May-20 18:01:36

I am on seretide 250 and the guidance has been really unclear. In my case, I had a chat with my GP who said I would be classed as more vulnerable (but not in the shielding group) and so should take care; but that I could go out for daily exercise. He also agreed that the guidance around asthma has caused a lot of confusion. It is worth having a chat to your GP to put your mind at rest.

FourTeaFallOut Wed 13-May-20 18:06:14

I have seretide 250 but also spiriva and have been asked to shield.

sor3 Wed 13-May-20 18:06:50

I'm on fostair 200/6 6 times a day, I also have a heart condition, my gp just sent me a link to the asthma uk's page a month or so ago which at the time said to shield, while I haven't had a letter, my work have taken my heart condition as meaning i should shield, so that is what I am doing- they have now furloughed me. I actually took my 2 year old out for a walk today, first time since lockdown I have been out.

Kirschcherry Wed 13-May-20 18:18:17

Thanks for your replies. I think I will try to check with a GP, I didn’t want to bother them but it would be good to know what they advise.

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Watsername Wed 13-May-20 18:40:47

I am on Flutiform, but the lowest dose one. I have not been advised to shield, but had a text from the GP telling me "you are in a more vulnerable group" and to "follow the government self isolation advice to help keep you and your families safe. Staying home is the safest place for you."

I have been out once since lockdown (a long walk), and am now panicking as work in a school.

Hashtag1 Wed 13-May-20 18:42:41

I'm on monelucast and fostair 100/6 and have been vv careful for the past 8 weeks but received a letter last week to say I now need to shield. It seems a bit patchy as to who receives a letter or not re: asthma. I am generally extremely fit and healthy but do suffer with my chest when I get viruses particularly in winter hence why I am on montelucast. Quite miserable at the thought of never ending lockdown and have children who may not therefore be able to return to school.

phlebasconsidered Wed 13-May-20 19:17:41

I am on montelukast and the brown and blue inhalers and I'm expected back in to teach in a few weeks, which is fine apparently. Without a letter? Under the bus you go.

I looked at the who gets a letter guidance and I missed the hospitalization guidelines by 5 weeks. It's a random lottery. If you can stay off work, do.

FourTeaFallOut Wed 13-May-20 19:20:38

Have you had a recent course/s of oral steroids @Hashtag1?

Kirschcherry Wed 13-May-20 20:27:38

Thanks everyone. I am lucky that I don’t need to go into work. Really sorry to hear that some of you are being put in that position.

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Jellybean27 Wed 13-May-20 20:44:38 is so good for info. They also have a WhatsApp to ask/speak to about any concerns.

FthisS Wed 13-May-20 20:51:06

My son is on seretide but also montelukast, 8 steroid tablets a day and long term azythromycin. He is officially shielding, I think it's a combination of high dose combination inhaler (seretide/symbicort/fostair etc) plus an add on treatment and regular steroid use.

DrMadelineMaxwell Wed 13-May-20 20:53:26

I'm on montelukast, and the combi seretide at the higher dose. AND had 2 courses of oral steroids in Dec before I could shift a chest infection.

I miss the shielding letter by 2 courses of steroids.

Originally I asked my headteacher if I could wfh (when schools shut anyway) but have been since informed that policy in our LA - which goes against gov guidelines - is that no shielding letter = no pay if you aren't signed back in on the rota for the hub school.

InkogKneeToe Wed 13-May-20 20:57:02

I'm on flutiform and another that I can't remember the name of...spiriva I think. No hospital admissions ever, no oral steroids ever. Very well controlled albeit at a pretty hefty level. I had a shielding letter and text in the very first round of them being sent out.

I also have a heart condition but I don't believe that puts me into the shielding category at all.

Hashtag1 Wed 13-May-20 21:38:32

I had a dose of antibiotics at Christmas when I had a very corona-seeming virus but last steroids were probably 12-15 months before I think.

FourTeaFallOut Wed 13-May-20 21:54:43

I think it's the spiriva @InkogKneeToe. My asthma is well controlled and I haven't had prednisolone for ages and I got a letter in the first round.

morethanmeetstheeye Fri 29-May-20 23:04:41

Just read through this.
Anyone who has asthma is clinically vulnerable and should be working from home where possible. (teachers - there is specific guidance related to teaching environments especially as they're refusing us PPE)

The unions will back asthmatic teachers as well. You should request to work from home to support remote learning.

Tangledyarn Sat 30-May-20 06:52:22

I'm on symbicort, not shielding but am vulnerable. I managed to catch covid pre lockdown, it did effect me quite badly, I was v unwell and in bed for nearly a month, had a lot of breathing problems etc but was not admitted..but am recovering now although my asthma is still worse than previously, have a course of steroids recently which has helped.

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