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What is the covid cough like?

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SMJYellow Wed 13-May-20 12:37:50

For anyone with covid19, or family with covid19 or anyone with experience of covid19

What is the cough like? How does it start? Is it continous cough?

I'm in work. I should be in a good position in my job. I work in a private position as a nanny. With each day that passes, I hate my job more and more. I don't feel safe. A private teacher help comes to the house and she coughed a few times today. It's nerve wrecking.

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SodaSloth Wed 13-May-20 23:28:10

I had it a month ago, lasted 11 days. It is a dry cough, no phlegm or mucas. Coughing every 15mins or so. 2 coughs each to r sometimes 3, Cough cough cough....
Doesn't sound like a smokers cough where you cough 8 times at once.

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