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Feeling really anxious and overwhelmed

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thewheelsonthebus23 Wed 13-May-20 08:19:16

I am feeling terrible this morning.
I miss my parents and my family so much and I have no idea when I’ll see them again. I moved approx 240 miles away 5 years ago. I’ve found it difficult, but I’ve always seen my family and friends back home regularly, they either come up here to stay or we go down there. I never really went more than two months without seeing them.
I have an 19 month old son and my parents visited regularly since he was born.
Now I have no idea when I’ll see them. We do face time, but it’s not the same.
Because of their distance we can’t do a socially distant walk like we’re doing with my MIL this weekend. Also regarding the ‘bubble’ it’ll be my in laws because they’re so close (15 mins away) and I know they would help out with childcare etc. I feel so upset by it all.
In the back of my mind, I hoped when all this started that I’d get to see them by my birthday (end of June) we’re all supposed to be going on a joint UK holiday together at the end of July, with my brother and his partner too. I was so looking forward to it as we do it every year and my DS is now older and of an age to enjoy it more.
I just feel gutted that I have no idea when I’ll see them in the flesh and they’ll be missing out on so much of my DS too.
I also know my mum is going to be sad and jealous that my PIL are getting to see him when they can’t. She’s already said she’s worried he’ll forget them.

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thewheelsonthebus23 Wed 13-May-20 08:39:50

Is anyone else feeling the same or have any advice or reassurance ? (I know no one knows when this will be over or when I can see them)

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thewheelsonthebus23 Wed 13-May-20 09:25:27


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XXYY Wed 13-May-20 09:42:14

I totally understand how you feel. While I can't change the situation for you, I can reassure you and your mum that your little one won't forget her if you FaceTime regularly. We are thousands of miles away from both sides of grandparents, on average we only see them once every two years. DS1 is now 10, nearly 11, when he was little we only Skype the grandparents and had no video calls (though now we could have WhatsApp video calls). And yet he remembers them well and always knows who they are. DS1 mixes well with his cousins (thousands of miles away) whether in person or on screen. DS2 is 21 months, the last time he saw his grandparents was Aùg last year. Now he enjoys seeing grandparents on video calls and call both grandmas when he sees them. Sometimes when my mum didn't answer the phone he got upset because he wanted to see her. So toddlers remember things and people better than you think.
I miss my family too, but I am just grateful that they stay well. The time will come when you get to see them, and at that time the joy will be even greater. So hang in there, my dear. My heart goes out to you.

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