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Feeling low while pregnant during Covid

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Mp0304 Wed 13-May-20 08:03:51

Anybody else suffering with low mood and pregnant during lockdown/ covid 19?

I had been been fairly positive up until this week. I'm 17+4 and have been enjoying pregnancy and I still am, thrilled we're expecting our baby boy. However I am so low and feeling super stressed and anxious? I don't know if it's suddenly taken it's toll after being so positive for so long.

I am struggling to work from home and have told work I need some time to myself as being on a laptop all day in our apartment is getting me down also.

I am worried that may taking some time to myself and being off work will make me look pathetic? I'm trying all the self help things and hope if I carry on it will help.

Shall I contact my midwife or GP? I am so happy and blessed to be pregnant but these times have finally chipped away at me and I am feeling down.

Thanks for listening, I hate to be a moaner! 💙

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110APiccadilly Wed 13-May-20 08:23:35

I'm not finding it easy - I'm 10 weeks and was looking forward to telling people and gutted I'm not probably going to be able to do that in person.

My midwife did tell me it's quite normal to be up and down in pregnancy but if I had a sustained "down" (I think she said 2 weeks) then to contact her as it could be antenatal depression. So if it was me I'd wait a few days and see if you still feel down.

Don't feel guilty about taking a day off though - everyone needs a break sometimes and you're growing a baby - you need one even more!

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