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Is this ok?

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toastedcrumpetsforme Wed 13-May-20 00:08:27

I've got some items in a storage unit that I would like to collect. Partly because I want the items, and partly so that I can empty the unit and stop paying rent on it.

The unit was originally full but only a few bits left now; I was due to make one final trip to empty it when lockdown started.

Can I go and collect my belongings?

So as not to drip feed:

- I'm in Wales, the unit is in England, but both close to border so approx 40min drive.
- The storage place has electric entry fobs so you can go any time of day, no need for any contact with office staff etc.
- I've been many times prior to lockdown and either see no one at all, or only people at a distance. Very easy to stay more than 2m away.

My income is going to drop soon so I could really do with getting rid of the storage unit as it is an unnecessary expense.

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SpiderPlantSally Wed 13-May-20 00:18:21

I'd just do it. Are there many police roadblocks around your area? I never saw one in London.

toastedcrumpetsforme Wed 13-May-20 00:33:39

I don't think so, although I haven't been out of town for the last few weeks so not sure. I suppose the police might be keeping an eye on the main roads into Wales, as there has been so much discussion about tourists potentially coming for a day out.

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Mnthrowaway20202 Wed 13-May-20 00:44:42

It’s your choice whether you go or not. I don’t think it’s an essential journey so you’d struggle to justify it if you are stopped

toastedcrumpetsforme Wed 13-May-20 00:52:07

That's what has put me off so far @Mnthrowaway20202 Just wondering how long it will be / how much extra it will end up costing me in rent otherwise.

Are we still on essential-travel only? That's all I've done so far but if it's ok to open garden centres and libraries, then surely you must be allowed to make a non-essential journey to them?

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