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Having to move to my mothers

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justtb Tue 12-May-20 23:10:03

My mental health and relationship are deteriorating to such an extent that I'm seriously considering going to my mums until the end of lockdown. I don't think I am in a position to be able to cope living alone at the moment in time.
I'm certain that if I leave my home, my partner will go to his family home too. If that leaves the house completely empty am I still okay to occasionally come back and stock up on my dogs food/do a load of laundry etc? I know lockdown rules are being relaxed in England (not quite sure I agree) so this will probably be okay.. I guess I just want to double check

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LilacTree1 Tue 12-May-20 23:29:24

On MN you will be told no

In my block of flats, some people have gone to stay with relatives and pop back to check all is well.

I’ve been devastated by the isolation and am increasingly realising it’s not good for me so have to just hope the police will prefer not to make an example of me if I stay with a friend for a while.

LevoMental Tue 12-May-20 23:32:37

I think that's fine as long as you're not travelling far.

llamaviolet Tue 12-May-20 23:35:07

I would just take the dog food with you and use their washing machine - why can’t you do that?

thaegumathteth Tue 12-May-20 23:42:37

Wouldn't it be the same as visiting a second home which isn't allowed?

INeedNewShoes Wed 13-May-20 07:34:13

I am isolating with my parents (have been since day 1). I'm popping back to my house for the first time today to pick up some stuff I need for work and a couple of things I want and to satisfy the requirements of my home insurance but it's the first time in 8 weeks and I won't go back again until lockdown ends.

I'd try to limit the number of times you'll need to return to your house. Surely you can do laundry at your parents' house?

justtb Wed 13-May-20 11:03:06

@llamaviolet the dog food is in a massive litre tub which I don't want to be hauling around as I'm pregnant and my mum is incredibly anal about the washing machine otherwise I would use hers

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justtb Wed 13-May-20 12:07:02

I don't think it's looking possible that I will be able to move there. She is in her late 60's and goes and sees my nana almost daily who is in her 90's. My employers can no longer pay me for not being in so I'm going back to work next Monday. She won't be able to get her 'living alone' shopping done by someone else either and I'm too anxious to go to supermarkets, having known a girl who almost died contracting corona from a supermarket.

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