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Self catering UK holidays this summer

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Coffeepot72 Tue 12-May-20 20:11:10

We have got a week in a self catering property booked for mid August, do you think there is any chance we will be able to go?

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BrandoraPaithwaite Tue 12-May-20 20:13:43

We have got the same, booked through I noticed in the Guardian consumer pages recently were being slated for not refunding and instead offering vouchers but people not being able to find availability next summer, rendering vouchers useless.
Still just waiting and hoping we can go mid August. The cottage we've booked is less than 2 hrs drive from where we live.

Coffeepot72 Tue 12-May-20 20:21:36

We were originally booked to go at Easter, and rescheduled for August thinking everything would be back to normal ........

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Scottishgirl85 Tue 12-May-20 20:31:22

We have 2 separate airbnb holidays booked in August. I really hope family will be allowed to meet by then, and that they can go ahead.

TheGreatWave Tue 12-May-20 20:57:23

Oh no ours is booked with I would prefer to go this year obviously and I am really hoping we can - it is about 90 minutes away.

If not I would take a voucher if we could book somewhere next year - there is certainly something on my radar. (Hopefully we would go there either way)

HathorX Tue 12-May-20 21:01:37

Unless there is a second spike, I reckon yes by mid August you will be alright. However we will likely still be socially distancing - I'd be surprised if you can enjoy tourist attractions, restaurants etc without compromises. But I'm sure if the R stays low, by august there will be things to do- eg socially distanced cinema, pub gardens, sports outside etc.

I've no intention of taking a holiday this year, have cancelled mine and got refunded (luckily). I'd rather save my cash for when the world is less paranoid and I can enjoy the vacation properly.

NettleTea Tue 12-May-20 21:12:17

we ARE a holiday cottage and glamping site and Im really torn on it.

We have not a clue if we will be required to be open or closed.

We have been refunding in full if people didnt want to move their booking (though grateful if they did as because we are agriculturally rated we havent had a penny from any of the schemes)

Cleaning is going to be a nightmare looking at whats required and we may need to ask people to bring their own extra blankets etc as stuff like throws, rugs, sheepskins and soft furnishings are going to have to be removed from the glamping units (we are up at the 'extreme luxury end of the market) as cannot be sanitised between guests. Full PPE for cleaning. Guests will need to bring any extra blankets and extra pillows. We have had to bring in extra staff for the deep cleaning, and I cannot run any of the courses I would usually offer - and which are my bed and butter - as we have a shielded teen who is likely to get a 'continue for another 12 weeks' letter any minute.

There are so many things we have to consider and are putting in place that you just wouldnt think of. We are building new toilets and putting in new water supplies so that each unit is self contained, and we have to shut any communal areas.

NettleTea Tue 12-May-20 21:14:39

bread and butter!!

we do want to open. But only if safe. The glamping is completely off grid which is why its going to be much harder to clean.
we are going to have to have signed off cleaning schedules too, just to show insurers in case anyone got sick while on holiday. There is a whole other load of paperwork for that!!

pirateparker Tue 12-May-20 21:31:31

&nettletea I had no idea there were so many regulations. DH and I have been considering holiday letting our home for the summer as our income us been massively hit. Thankfully we have a lovely large house right on the beach and thought of staying with family whilst rent king it out to recoup some money but perhaps not...?

WillowSummerSloth Tue 12-May-20 21:35:07

Nettletea your place sounds amazing. Please could you pm me the details. We are looking to book a summer holiday since it's unlikely we can go abroad and would happily bring our own blankets.

IGottaGetOuttaThisPlace Tue 12-May-20 21:38:49

No I think it's highly unlikely

Tootletum Tue 12-May-20 21:47:05

I dont quite get how self catering in the UK could actually be closed for the year. That's just too much of a loss surely. Guess I can't face that being true, the kids have been looking forward to Wales in August since we booked it last August.

NettleTea Tue 12-May-20 23:27:55

@pirateparker there are not normally such strict regulations - just general health and safety stuff and normal levels of cleaning that you would expect. Its because of the virus, we are recommended to follow the new government guidelines for cleaning in order to ensure there is no chance of cross infection between guests. And the cleaners. Its what made us have a bit of a panic and close before we even went into lockdown - we just didnt see how we could keep the place safe at that point as had no idea about how long it stayed on different surfaces, and trying to get the right products to clean was impossible.
At least we have a bit more insight now and can stock up on gloves and disinfectant. But where we had to clean once, we now have to clean every hard surface with soap and water first, dry it with paper towels, dispose of them, and then clean again with normal cleaning product. So everything is going to take longer.

NettleTea Tue 12-May-20 23:33:04

I can see how it might be closed over the summer easily. The 1st July is the first point where accomodation MIGHT be able to open. Thats assuming no increase in the numbers. AND assuming that the place can open safely. Anywhere with communal areas is going to be hard to distance. And rooms are going to need much longer to clean between guests - a quick hoover and a wipe over with a duster simply isnt going to be safe. Buffet breakfasts are out. Communal areas like reception will need cleaning pretty much constantly - cleaning banisters, desks, lift buttons etc.

Self contained places may be better. But they may decide that in order to be really safe they need 2-3 days empty between guests.

SudokuBook Tue 12-May-20 23:41:21

I have a caravan in Devon booked for August. Hoping it might go ahead but fully expecting it might not. If it doesn’t I’ll rebook for next year

HairyToity Wed 13-May-20 05:50:09

We have a holiday booked in July.... Will have to wait and see. I'd love to be able to go.

userxx Wed 13-May-20 06:27:53

@NettleTea Is it definitely 1st July for earliest opening? Times are really tough for you and I hope you can manage to pull through.

Nquartz Wed 13-May-20 06:34:25

We have an air bnb booked for the end of August, even if we can go I'm not sure we would if all/a lot/some the things we want to do are shut.

It would be ok if the weather is good because we'd be on the beach everyday but if it rains I'd rather be at home!

R2519 Wed 13-May-20 07:06:22

The other thing people need to remember us locals being hostile towards tourists. I know we all have a right to travel and all that but outsiders / tourists will be seen and treated like lepers and probably made to feel very unwelcome. They won't be wanted this year tbh.

We live in a small rural village that's been over run with 'walkers' the past 6 weeks. They have not been welcomed at all. I would love to go on holiday this year but its very unlikely to happen.

userxx Wed 13-May-20 07:11:39

@R2519 why though? If people are given the go ahead why be hostile 🤷‍♂️

Coffeepot72 Wed 13-May-20 07:53:46

Where is it stated that 1 July is the first date for possible re opening?

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userxx Wed 13-May-20 08:31:56

Maybe nettletea,has some insider info or maybe because it falls under hospitality.

R2519 Wed 13-May-20 09:10:36

@userxx. Probably because deep down people are scared. They don't want the virus coming to their door. The establishments offering holidays want the tourists but the locals won't and don't. We have friends in Cornwall, in a real tourist hotspot. They have been holding meetings on how they can make it unpleasant and difficult for people to come.

The village we live in is quiet. We never usually get people coming here for walks etc but as I say we have been inundated. More people more traffic more dog shit everywhere and people feeding livestock, ignoring notices not too then getting shitty when told off. We are fortunate we have a local PC who is always about and he has chased quite a few away.

I personally don't mind people coming to our village but not the numbers we have seen.

I fear now the government has said you can travel anywhere this virus is going to make people turn quite nasty.

SudokuBook Wed 13-May-20 09:15:05

I wonder if the people who would be hostile to visitors consider whether the impact of zero tourism would probably be worse than that of the virus.

Clymene Wed 13-May-20 09:18:44

To put it bluntly, there is no benefit to small communities from tourism like there normally is. We have no facilities. Our toilets are closed and our public bins are being emptied less frequently. Our shops and restaurants won't make any money from visitors.

So people now will be peeing in hedgerows, letting their kids shit on the verges and leaving their rubbish behind.

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