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How do you find the balance?

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Needtosleep4days Tue 12-May-20 18:12:40

Hi I'm sure I'm not the only one asking these questions. I just want your opinions. My child is 5 so we'll be one of the kids potentially going back on June 1st. I'm feeling fairly sensible about it and calm. I feel that the fact there won't be a vaccine for ages that a little bit of normality is going to be needed before it's available. In my mind we are in a fairly low risk area. We have one of the lowest number of cases. We are in a town surrounded by villages.

I've seen a mixture of responses. I've also had three opinions voiced at me that they don't think children should return until September.

If it's an extreme low risk sending my child back and she will be in smaller groups etc then I can see many positives. Routine again. Seeing other kids. Us having structure. General health from walking to and from school. I feel a large gap away from school will mean she is starting again. September is such a long way away. Also her going back means she can finish reception. Get closure. Learn about her new class etc.

I also think as humans we need to mix and get exposed to other germs and things. Being indoors and away from others means our younger kids are not getting the exposure to other things to strengthen the immune system. Also they are not burning off enough energy or getting the amount of interaction they are used to.

But I am aware there's no guarantee with this. If they go back and it does cmstart a second wave. We as parents are at higher risk. But then the risk is still there in September isn't it? September is the back end of summer. October is autumn and the just as that rolls around the colds, coughs, sick bugs etc come out to play.

Is there in your view going to be a "good time" to send them back?

Are you sending yours back and why?

Are you worried?

I keep seeing people ranting about social distancing kids. But they won't expect them to stay apart. I would only send my child if she can be with friends.

I'll be waiting to see the schools plan. But right now i am leaning towards her going back to do the last term before a six week break before the new year. Another 15 weeks at home is alot with such a tiny risk of death in our families age group. 37 and under.

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DamitJanet Tue 12-May-20 18:49:47

I’ve got a five year old in reception today. I’m torn but on balance I think I will send him if school reopen in June (I’m not convinced they will). I do have concerns about the risks, but I’m also concerned of the effect on him of being out of school, away from his friends etc. So on balance I will likely send him. Like you, we live in an area with currently a very low rate, I might think otherwise if that were not the case. I also have a lot of faith in the school, and how they’ve handled things so far which helps.

SauvignonGrower Tue 12-May-20 18:57:33

I'm not whether we will send back, but mostly cos the older siblings can't return.

Like you, I think it is very low risk for the children who don't seem to get infected so much or show serious symptoms at that young age. I wouldn't be bothered about social distancing.

And I also agree that things will be no better in September so we might as well find a way to cope with children going to school now.

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