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Schools set to reopen (maybe) in June but furloughing until October. I'm confused.

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Bercows Tue 12-May-20 15:47:56

I must be missing something but these two things seem totally at odds with one another. If the government are furloughing until October then that makes me think that schools won't be back to relative normal y til then, so why are they pushing for June so they have a month behind the summer holidays? I'm wondering if they will even go bank in September now.

Can anyone explain because my brain just goes confused

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RedskyAtnight Tue 12-May-20 15:51:12

Furloughing is to protect people working in jobs that they can't currently do (e.g. because they work in a restaurant and all restaurants are closed).

Opening some businesses is more risky than allowing some children into schools.

School are mainly to educate children, but have a second useful purpose in meaning that children are cared for during the day. So allowing some children back to school is not only good for their education but allows some of their parents to work (depending on their job, other children etc).

Lizzy20201 Tue 12-May-20 15:51:47

It’s not as generous as it seems sadly. Companies have to start paying some share of the furlough and I imagine will open if they legally can. Furlough will be for people if they work in hospitality, etc, places that may not open for a while.

Lizzy20201 Tue 12-May-20 15:52:53

It’s not like everyone in the country will be paid til October, I mean.

I too am confused how they ‘chose’ those year groups.

MitziK Tue 12-May-20 16:13:11

It gets extended now so, if it does become necessary to start again after easing or it's clear that reopening everything isn't going to happen, there's no gap where people suddenly find themselves without any income whatsoever.

It also conveniently keeps everybody off the unemployment figures.

Bercows Tue 12-May-20 21:33:42

Thank you. I just find the whole situation odd but it must be a total nightmare to try to figure out how to do things for the best as there's so many factors to take into account. Easy to lock us down but complex to get us back up and running.

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