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Covid symptoms?

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Mugofsteaminghottea Tue 12-May-20 11:30:18

Hi. Wondering if anyone has had similar symptoms or similar timeline of symptoms and has tested positive for CV19, please?

Thurs, Friday, Sat- fatigue, slight neck ache, slight sore throat, slight headache, diarrhoea, temperature between 37 and 38. Not all at the same time. But on and off over the few days. Then Sunday temp started to come down. More energy but still a bit tired. Slight headache still. Monday the same. Today, headache gone but seem to tire easily.

My dc has had the same. Same timeline. Less of a temperature and no diahorea but more aches.

Thanks all

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Realitea Tue 12-May-20 11:35:32

Sounds like mild symptoms to me. We only ever hear about the worst cases and many of us will just have mild symptoms like this.

Zem74 Tue 12-May-20 12:23:40

I’m similar since Sunday afternoon. Terrible stomach cramps and Diarrhea put of the blue. A few more bouts following yesterday and this morning. Feeling totally exhausted although getting plenty of sleep, muscles aching and joints very sore. Temperature has remained fine, throat feeling a little sore today.
Have been really carefully socially distancing as I’m at higher risk, so don’t really know where/when I would have caught it, but then that applies to any other big/virus this could behmm

Mugofsteaminghottea Tue 12-May-20 12:34:10

Thanks both.

Agree Zem. Have also been so careful. Diahorea has come back today too and now feeling warm in my face again. Slight shooting pains in my head too.

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BG2015 Tue 12-May-20 12:45:45

Sat - terrible stomach cramps, diarrhoea, loss of appetite, slight headache and feeling strange
Sun - same as Sat.
Mon - stomach cramps whenever I ate anything, woozy feeling, headache
Zoe C-19 app suggested I went for a test and sent me a link which I did yesterday.
Today - cramps but no diarrhoea but now have a mild sore throat, feel very tired and strange

Mugofsteaminghottea Tue 12-May-20 13:19:42

Oh BG. Very similar then. Could you possibly post the test result on here when you get it if not too much trouble, please?

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Mugofsteaminghottea Tue 12-May-20 13:20:05

Hope you both feel better soon

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LemonTT Tue 12-May-20 13:25:01

Op why don’t you just get tested. If you don’t meet the criteria, then try for a 111 referral.

The symptoms you have could be Covid but they could be lots of other things.

Mugofsteaminghottea Tue 12-May-20 13:28:48

Ok. I dont think I meet the criteria but could ask 111 I guess. Didnt think I'd qualify tbh

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BG2015 Tue 12-May-20 13:32:11

Yes will do.

The Zoe C-19 app was the way I got my test. It's definitely worth downloading and reporting how you feel everyday. They want to see how the virus affects different people.

Lindy2 Tue 12-May-20 13:33:18

It's worth people signing up to the Zoe Covid Symptom tracker. As well as providing essential data if you input you have possible symptoms on your daily entry you'll be quite likely to be asked to go for a test.

I hope you feel better soon OP.

SeaToSki Tue 12-May-20 13:38:20

Sounds like the first phase, you then feel better for a few days before going downhill again. Its the second wave thats the risky one, so keep an eye on your breathing, if it gets shallow or rapid, call the doctor for advice. Notice how many breaths you take a minute now so that you have your own baseline.
Make sure you take some deep breaths every hour while you are awake. Think about breathing air into your tummy - it stirs up the bottoms of your lungs so it doesnt fester if anything is gathering
If you get to day 14 ish, you are likely to be in the clear

AldiAisleOfCrap Tue 12-May-20 13:40:57

This is the breathing technique

AldiAisleOfCrap Tue 12-May-20 13:41:17

And lie in your front using a pillow for support.

BG2015 Tue 12-May-20 13:56:37

Aldi thanks for the breathing info. I'm asthmatic too so am keeping a close eye on my breathing and am using my inhalers regularly.

AldiAisleOfCrap Tue 12-May-20 14:28:12

Do you have an oximeter @BG2015 ? I bought one for £20 from Argos delivery £3.95.

BG2015 Tue 12-May-20 14:42:24

No I haven't got one. Before all this started I'd never even heard of an Oximeter

Realitea Tue 12-May-20 15:00:31

Be wary of the eBay ones - I bought one and it doesn’t work. I’ve just ordered another one on amazon for £20!
You might not even get the second wave of the illness - you’ll know by around day 7-10 I think.

BG2015 Tue 12-May-20 15:03:48

I've just been looking at them on Amazon and I can get one for £20ish so will see how I feel in the next day or so.

This is Day 4 and I feel decidedly strange. Didn't know it came in waves. Just waiting for my results now.

Mugofsteaminghottea Wed 13-May-20 14:09:06

Update. Woke up with a sore throat and have had a tightness in my chest today. Guessing I'm on day 6 roughly. Dc on day 7 roughly. We are both still feeling tired intermittently. Struggled to get up this am.

Spoke to my dr today. She said more likely Covid but I'm not eligible for a test.

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Realitea Wed 13-May-20 17:15:02

If you call 111 you can get referred for a test. I hope you feel better soon.

BG2015 Thu 14-May-20 13:55:10

My test came back negative. It took about 40 hours from test to result via text

Mugofsteaminghottea Thu 14-May-20 15:00:21

BG- strange. How are your symptoms now? I'm on roughly day 7/8. Probably 8. Tight chest and still tired on and off. Spoke 5i the covid line yesterday who diagnosed it over the phone based on symptoms. Said that the test would be most accurate on days -2 to +5 and so it would be likely for me and dc to get a false negative result...

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Mugofsteaminghottea Thu 14-May-20 15:01:02


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BG2015 Thu 14-May-20 17:24:05

I started to feel better by Wednesday morning, still a bit of a sore throat but not as tired.

Can only think I had a bug.

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