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Year 10 and 12 returning to school ?

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happymummy2010 Tue 12-May-20 06:54:51

Is likely that Year 10 and 12 will actually be returning to school in the Summer Term ?

Boris mentioned trying to get the students face to face time with their teachers which was very vague.. I'm wondering is that means more on line lessons rather than the students actually going in to school ?

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attackedbycritters Tue 12-May-20 07:02:29

It sounds to me like some time in the same room as their teacher but not a return to school as such

So perhaps some small group sessions with a maths teacher one week , before which they might be asked to raise any particular problems they have

Pipandmum Tue 12-May-20 07:02:35

My Y10 daughter has a full day of online learning now. I realise it's better than many schools are providing but it's not nearly as good as being in the classroom, particularly for more hands on subjects like art, music, DT etc. Our school was gearing up in the expectation that Y10 and 12s would be prioritised for physically returning to school, especially in light of this years exam fiasco. It is a private school and I'm wondering if the 'face to face' time is a chink of light and it might be under each head's discretion as to what that means in reality.
I've read the published roadmap paper and there are no further details and it doesn't seem that they have listened to what the people in education have advised, and are making back to school decisions mainly driven by the economy.

barbites Tue 12-May-20 08:15:58

I was really hoping there would be plans in place for years 10 and 12 to return. I think there would be ways to achieve this and wouldn't expect it to be business as usual. As secondary and primary are totally separate I can't understand the government's thinking.
To be clear I'm not having a go at teachers!

attackedbycritters Tue 12-May-20 08:31:17

There is a suggestion that younger children are much less likely to catch and spread the virus than older children, so primary is suspected to be lower risk to teachers than secondary

Wtfdidwedo Tue 12-May-20 08:36:22

"Secondary schools and further education colleges should also prepare to begin some face to face contact with Year 10 and 12 pupils who have key exams next year, in support of their continued remote, home learning." That's what the guidance says so I'm assuming some progress will be made soon on their return.

BunsyGirl Tue 12-May-20 08:39:47

Did Boris mention face to face time in last night’s briefing?

Wtfdidwedo Tue 12-May-20 08:54:52

I'm not sure but that's from the government document published yesterday.

BunsyGirl Tue 12-May-20 08:57:15

@Wtfdidwedo Thanks. I have seen the Gov doc. However, I have a family member who insists that Boris didn’t mention it and that the Gov doc must be wrong.

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