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dh has syntoms of Covid 19

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Frazzled2207 Mon 11-May-20 20:11:11

Sorry that his employer is being so shitty. He definitely shouldn’t go in. Hope he gets a test result soon, sadly I have heard they often take several days

Itwontrainallthetime Mon 11-May-20 20:08:19

He got a phonecall from his coworker , said his bosses weren't happy, they have had most people back in work today but my husband hasn't had a call to go in.They will expect him to go in just to prove that he isn't well, they don't seem to care, and will probably say my dh is making it up. It's just my dh luck he has symptoms the day they want people to work again. If times were different and it was just a normal virus then he would be in work but with it possibly being covid 19 he can't risk it even if his boss wants him in. He's messaged his boss to day he has symptoms the message has been read the but they havent replied. My dh had been furloughed but don't know what will happen now if they have and if my husband is tested positive will he be furloughed still or recieve sick pay.
Sorry for waffling on. Thank you for your replies.

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CodenameVillanelle Mon 11-May-20 19:52:12

Did his boss want him to come in with symptoms??? What is wrong with some people

TheGreatWave Mon 11-May-20 19:49:23

Good news.

Take anti-bac gel, wipes, tissues and possibly gloves if he will need to self test. It is not pleasant but do-able.

Itwontrainallthetime Mon 11-May-20 19:44:36

He's managed get a slot at a test centre local to us. He goes tomorrow morning. Thank you for your advice

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TheGreatWave Mon 11-May-20 19:40:36

He can self cert for 7 days then there is a section on NHS 111 if he needs to be off longer.

You can just book a test online, but you may need to travel a bit, but if it is ridiculous keep looking back as they do get updated.

Hope he is feeling better soon.

Itwontrainallthetime Mon 11-May-20 19:33:15

Thank you, we did the 111 online checker said he may have the coronavirus and we can apply for a test but they are in high demand.
He's put in his mobile number so not sure if he will get a call or not to go for one.

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ScrapThatThen Mon 11-May-20 19:14:00

He and your household need to self isolate so he should tell his boss. He can use the NHS 111 online symptom checker. Lots of fluids, rest up, don't do too much. Seek advice if symptoms worse. And send off for a test if eligible. Hope he feels better soon.

Itwontrainallthetime Mon 11-May-20 18:46:25

Yesterday tea time my husband was saying he didn't feel too good, said he felt freezing cold and getting chills etc, he tried to eat his tea but said he couldn't taste it and he didn't feel well enough to eat it.
He then took his temperature and it was 38.1 so slight fever. He then took some painkiller and it went down to 37.4. he felt a little better after the pain killers and his temperature stayed around the last temp till the morning. When he got up he still feels achey and chills and going hot and cold , he has taken painkillers and his temperature hasn't been over 38 but keeps varying from normal to slight fever. He's got no cough and no other symptoms other than the temperature and no taste.
Does he ring 111, or the gp.
His boss has opened work again today and wants him in. But with him feeling like he is, he can't really go back in incase it's covid.

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