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Would you go into a hospital for a none emergency atm?

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Wouldyougoatm Mon 11-May-20 17:52:18

I had an appointment at the hospital cancelled during the earlier weeks of lockdown. They’ve rang back and offered me it this week. I don’t know what to do. Half of me wants the appointment (investigation for long running issue) and the other half of me is scared of going to a hospital atm when it’s not an emergency situation.

What would you do in my shoes please?

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SprogletsMum Mon 11-May-20 17:54:18

I would go. My dd had surgery the week before lockdown so we've been in twice for post OP follow ups and twice so far for physio with another appointment next week. It's been fine and we barely even saw any other patients, the staff were in full PPE.

Lucienandjean Mon 11-May-20 17:57:27

I had a minor procedure in hospital cancelled due to covid19. I'd already been waiting some months for it, and now I'll probably be waiting months more.

If they rang me now and offered me an appointment, I'd definitely take it. It wouldn't even be in the same building as the covid patients, and I'm sure the staff would be very infection-aware and using PPE.

woodpidgeons Mon 11-May-20 17:59:28

No way hosey

Lougle Mon 11-May-20 18:00:15

Yes I would, because they're keeping areas separate.

Howmanysleepsnow Mon 11-May-20 18:00:58

Yes. I work in a hospital. The red, amber and green areas are well segregated. Green areas are quiet, and much less risky than a supermarket visit. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance and exit of each area, and many offer masks for patients too. I’d say it’s one of the safest places to be assuming you maintain social distancing.

MarieQueenofScots Mon 11-May-20 18:00:59

Yes absolutely.

Dilbertian Mon 11-May-20 18:01:49

Go to the appointment.

I had to attend hospital recently. It was like a ghost town, so empty. Everyone keeping distance. Every member of staff I interacted with was masked and gloved. Anyone I came close to was also aproned. Everything reusable was wiped down with sanitiser before and after it was used on me. Hand sanitiser for me. I didn't touch any doors, though I did have to hold on to the bannister. Hands washed and clothes changed when I got home. I have no concerns over infection.

Purplewithred Mon 11-May-20 18:03:12

Yes, I also am in and out of hospitals at the moment and I would jump at the chance. They are very careful to segregate non-covid. And also once this is all over they will be overwhelmed with people who have delayed their treatment. Definitely go for it.

Bagelsandbrie Mon 11-May-20 18:05:46

Yes definitely go. If you’re going to the supermarket there’s no reason why going to the hospital is any more risky, in fact it’s probably safer.

LadyLeucadia Mon 11-May-20 18:08:05

I would go, back my local hospital is a ghost town with hardly and patients at all.

Cornettoninja Mon 11-May-20 18:11:07

* And also once this is all over they will be overwhelmed with people who have delayed their treatment*

This is going to be a huge problem and quite honestly they wouldn’t be calling you in unless they were confident they’d took every precaution possible. The staff are as keen to avoid infection as you are.

There are still lots of areas that haven’t quite figured out how they’re going to work so the department you’re seeing won’t have made the decision to open up to patients unless they are confident they can run it safely.

It may be that people needing much less urgent treatment/procedures are seen sooner than those with less urgent cases simply because of logistics. All areas are keen to start tackling backlogs though.

Trumpton Mon 11-May-20 18:25:57

I have an appointment on Friday at the oncology unit and also the breast care clinic both for follow up appointments . I was last there just over 2 weeks ago and felt very safe .

RedLentilYellowLentil Mon 11-May-20 18:44:15

I had a scan this morning and the hospital was like a ghost town. There were minor adjustments like having to stand behind a line at the reception desk, only every third seat in the waiting room being available - not that anyone else was waiting. Don't feel foolish wearing gloves and/or mask if you want to - they protect everyone else from any germs you might have as well as the reverse, and most people in a hospital will appreciate that. If it's a longstanding problem you shouldn't ignore it. Hope all's well. flowers

AmeliaTaylor Mon 11-May-20 18:45:03

Yep and I have. You’ll struggle to be seen otherwise as they’ll be overwhelmed once they start seeing people as normal again dealing with backlog.

vdbfamily Mon 11-May-20 18:47:03

why would you not go? Anyone with Covid is on a covid ward. The risk would be very low.

WhereYouLeftIt Mon 11-May-20 18:58:49

Yes, absolutely I would go.

Nighttimefreedom Mon 11-May-20 19:00:07

Go, they're quiet and the cleanest they have ever been. I say this as someone who works in one.

TotorosFurryBehind Mon 11-May-20 21:27:32

Yes. Hospitals have probably never been cleaner!

justtb Mon 11-May-20 21:41:34

Let's be honest here.. they are far more likely to abide to the two metre rule at a hospital than at a supermarket. So yes, I would go
If they rearranged my 16 week midwife phone appointment to face to face I would gladly go too! Medical settings are probably one of the safest places to be now

WithIcePlease Mon 11-May-20 22:09:33

Mine is v v clean, organised and quiet

MrsAvocet Mon 11-May-20 22:17:28

I have been in recently for dressing changes following emergency surgery. I hardly saw anyone in our local hospital. The corridors were empty and in the clinic area there were very few people waiting and everyone was well spread out. The staff were behind screens or wearing PPE and all patients were being asked screening questions. I'm told that people being admitted for non emergency procedures are being tested now but I don't know if that is a local or national initiative.
Something doesn't have to be an emergency to be important. I'm guessing its not some trivial thing that you have been called in for OP as most hospitals are still only doing important investigations and procedures so I think I would go if I were you.

Realitea Mon 11-May-20 22:24:51

I was in hospital for a good four hours yesterday. It did feel safe. Everyone had a mask and they offered me one. There were separate areas and everyone was questioned before entering to make sure they had no symptoms of covid.
It was so quiet and all the chairs were marked so that people didn’t sit close to each other.
There was also hand gel everywhere so it was easy to do hands.
I know despite all this you might feel a bit unsure as it’s still a hospital but I’m really sure it’s safe. Probably safer than going to the supermarket.
My friend is an A&E nurse and pregnant. She’s been fine since all this started and not worried, neither are her colleagues.

TheGreatWave Mon 11-May-20 22:25:30

We got a call offering ds a MRI scan for the next day as there had been a cancellation - the only thing that made me hesitate was that it was 8am.

I took it, there is no saying when the next available appointment will be, our hospital has a covid and non-covid entrance and it was absolutely fine. We just pinned ourselves against the wall whenever any staff member walked past. (for their benefit, not ours)

Even got the parking for free - so an added bonus.

SophieB100 Mon 11-May-20 22:28:15

Yes I would, absolutely.

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