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Does this sound ok for a work day?

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oneforsorrow29 Mon 11-May-20 16:20:00

Just wondering what people think of our working day - primary age dc with me and dp both working from home full time.

Usually the kids put toys, screens away at 9:30-10 then they will watch a few Bitesize sessions and make notes so I can quiz them about it. Then they tend to spend the morning doing something creative like drawing, making, crafts. TV is sometimes on in the background. After lunch they will do a few pages of their maths and English work books that I bought from WHSmiths then I will try and spend a bit of time helping them with the school work they've been set through their app. This never goes very well as I'm supposed to be working and am often called away and they struggle to use the app alone but we have a go more as a token effort than anything.

We all go for a walk after dp and I finish work. Then they can do iPads and TV in the evenings. I feel worried that they are missing out on too much of their curriculum stuff but I'm being pulled from pillar to post! I just want to keep them doing something moderately educational. We've been trying to do gardening and baking and bits like that in our free time too. Does this sound ok?

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stuckindoors77 Mon 11-May-20 16:36:50

Sure, you're keeping them ticking over and in a good routine. I wouldn't worry about completing the set work or making a huge amount of progress. As long as their brains are working a little bit every day in some way then they'll be fine. This is hard for everybody so be kind to yourself!!

oneforsorrow29 Mon 11-May-20 18:14:59

Thank you. If the school work was easier for them to do alone it would be better but there are a lot of things that need explaining and the app itself is quite fiddly to use.

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Guardsman18 Mon 11-May-20 18:18:00

Which part do you feel is not ok?

AdelaideK Mon 11-May-20 18:21:03

I'd say that's fine

oneforsorrow29 Mon 11-May-20 18:30:48

I'm just concerned that we are not really keeping up with the actual school work. We do bits and pieces and if I wasn't working I would certainly be able to spend more time helping them.

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Whitestick Mon 11-May-20 18:36:01

Why don't you stop some of the things you have added in and do the school work from school when you have the time to be with them? Let them watch the Bitesize daily lesson on their own.

wherestheotherone Mon 11-May-20 18:48:33

We're in the same situation and your doing more than us. I start at 6 until 11am and during this time the children get dressed, get breakfast, watch some TV and do a yoga or exercise video. At 11 I put on BBC bitesize lesson which they watch, the older DC does an hour of work. I go back to work. 12-1 lunch all together. 1-2 is an hour of school work. 2-4 we have to work again so it's back to how to draw, ted-ed, outside time or just zoom calls and play. At 4 I start the homework again with another hour of something while I make tea. 5-6 is tea time together, then walk/bike ride for an hour. Home for baths, stories and bed by 7.45. I then tidy round, housework and try to switch off. It's exhausting!

oneforsorrow29 Mon 11-May-20 18:59:50

@Whitestick they do all that on their own. The only thing they really need help with is the school stuff the other stuff they do quite well independently.

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avroroad Mon 11-May-20 19:03:10

Does it matter?

Lots of people will do similar. It's of people will be more intense. Lots of people will be more relaxed. Do what you can?

Grobagsforever Mon 11-May-20 19:17:07

That's absolutely fine OP. Lone parent here so this is my routine.

9am - layout school books, agree three things each child will achieve. For 9 year old this is around 20 mins each of her school set maths and English, a few pages of her history self study and some art. For the 5 year old this is a few pages of phonics, time tables flash cards (done by her sister) and some handwringing practice. I go up to work in attic around 9.15

11.00 am check on them and they are allowed to move to bbc bite size

11.30-12.30 they have free time, but no screens

12.30-1.00 we all eat lunch

1-3pm- usually Lego or play outside or draw.

From 3pm screens are allowed. I finish work at 5.30 and chuck them outside for a bit. Or take them for a walk

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