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New points from the government’s latest document

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Redolent Mon 11-May-20 14:39:09

Some interesting points:

- “... local authorities and schools should therefore urge more children who would benefit from attending in person to do so.” Ie contrary to MN wisdom which is all about discouraging key worker/vulnerable children unless absolutely necessary.

- “The Government is also amending its guidance to clarify that paid childcare, for example nannies and childminders, can take place subject to being able to meet the public health principles at Annex A, because these are roles where working from home is not possible. This should enable more working parents to return to work.”

- “ People may drive to outdoor open spaces irrespective of distance, ”

- “ the Government will require all international arrivals to supply their contact and accommodation information. They will also be strongly advised to download and use the NHS contact tracing app.
Second, the Government will require all international arrivals not on a short list of exemptions to self-isolate in their accommodation for fourteen days on arrival into the UK. Where international travellers are unable to demonstrate where they would self-isolate, they will be required to do so in accommodation arranged by the Government”

- “The Government has asked SAGE to examine whether, when and how it can safely change the regulations to allow people to expand their household group to include one other household in the same exclusive group...” looks like they’ll be announcing more on this in the coming weeks.

Full document is here:

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EdwinaMay Mon 11-May-20 14:40:30

Sounds good to me.

NuffSaidSam Mon 11-May-20 14:43:49

'allow people to expand their household group to include one other household in the same exclusive group...'

Ooh I can see the AIBU's on this one! Imagine the arguments over which other household! Whose parents? Which set of grandparents do the DC like best?!

Redolent Mon 11-May-20 14:45:20


Will be camping out in AIBU for this!

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AlecTrevelyan006 Mon 11-May-20 14:47:03

Workers in those sectors most affected, including hospitality and retail, are more likely to be low paid, younger and female. Younger households are also likely to be disproportionately hit in the
longer term, as evidence suggests that, following recessions, lost future earnings potential is greater for young people.

The longer the virus affects the economy, the greater the risks of long-term scarring and permanently lower economic activity, with business failures, persistently higher unemployment and lower earnings. This would damage the sustainability of the public finances and the ability to fund public services including the NHS. It would also likely lead to worse long-run physical and mentalhealth outcomes, with a significant increase in the prevalence of chronic illness.

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