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Anyone else woken up with very puffy eyes this morning?

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ESpressoNotEXpresso Mon 11-May-20 12:22:33


No, not a new COVID symptom! As far as I'm aware confused

I'm talking about the after affects of BoJos announcement last night.

Like so many, we have so far been following the rules, trying to remain positive, count ourselves lucky because of x, y and z, with the odd wobble of course.

However, after last nights shambles of a "roadmap" announcement, I completely crumbled. I got so overwhelmed with sadness and fear, from the sheer lack of clarity. I couldn't see any light and I would class us as the 'lucky ones'.

Spent most of the night sobbing my heart out. So many sudden 'but what about...?.'

So many of my friends are living alone. Initially trying to remain upbeat, injecting humour into the situation wherever they can, but what do they do now? Their MH is clearly not on the government's agenda at all. I feel guilty for saying that mine is suffering, because as I say, I count ourselves in the lucky category, but like so many of you, I'm struggling massively to keep it together.

Anyway, woke up this morning after my refreshing 2 hours sleep hmm and could hardly open my eyes. Haven't cried that much for a long time. Not enough cream or serum in the world to sort this out!

Now to try and convince my 13 year old DD that it will all be fine. Even though she now knows she won't be seeing her dad, her grandparents or school friends for a long while yet.

Don't know why I'm posting.

Wishing you all well flowers

Realitea Mon 11-May-20 12:28:05

I’ve had ‘the wobble’. It was last week. I had been ok up to then.
Just picture you and your family in the future. Smiling, together with family, Doing fun stuff, looking back on all of this. It will come to an end. We will get through it.

ESpressoNotEXpresso Mon 11-May-20 12:41:32

@Realitea, I keep trying to do that, but I suddenly had this awful thought about what if one of my parents die before I can hug them again? Not necessarily of COVID, but just of anything. Neither of them are particularly healthy. Both in the obese category I suspect and my dad is in his 70's. The chances aren't that remote, as I see it.

I'm also so sad that my DD will miss out on so much living and growing with her friends. But again, she's lucky. She has a stable, loving home with no massive money worries, but what about those DCs who don't have any of that security, love and support?

Most of the time I can block it out, because I have to, but I just couldn't do it anymore and the worry just over took everything.

WearyandBleary Mon 11-May-20 12:59:10

My two teens both broke down last night. The fucking government announcement rumours had given them hope. Then of course it was all bollocks. I wish the government would be honest in setting people’s expectations.

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