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Anyone had or got symptoms?

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AvocadoPrime Mon 11-May-20 09:19:42

I'm abit concerned as to whether this is the end of a different virus or the virus starting. I've had a sore throat for three weeks and a slight cough, lots of mucus, aches ect.
Today the mucus seems to have cleared up but I now have an upset stomach and a slight dry cough with tight chest. Not sure if it's a continuation of what I had before or if it could be corona. Anyone had or got symptoms or tested positive. What was it like for you?

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AvocadoPrime Mon 11-May-20 19:20:48

Just to add I was properly freezing earlier could not get warm. No temperature though.

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cherryblossomgin Mon 11-May-20 19:25:13

Could it be allergies mixed with anxiety around having the virus?

Spinakker Mon 11-May-20 19:28:54

I had a similar thing and I think it was covid. Not confirmed though. Had tightness in the chest for about 3 days especially in the evenings. Just keep an eye on it and go to the hospital if you have breathing difficulties. With me it went away after a few days. Try and rest.

AvocadoPrime Mon 11-May-20 19:52:59

@cherryblossomgin I've been taking antihistamine for weeks along with a nose spray for allergies. I dont usually get them but it was my first thought. Then doctor said it was a virus.. the symptoms just keep changing. I had to be checked at the hospital due to shortness of breath and elevated heartrate and now the dry cough has started with chills, upset tummy and chest pain.

@spinakker glad you are feeling better. I try and rest when I can, hard with a toddler otherwise I'd nap all day I think.

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