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Newborn with key worker parent

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daydreamdaisy Mon 11-May-20 08:31:14

We are due our first baby in a couple of weeks. DH is a Y6 primary school teacher and last night's announcement has made me really worried.

He has been working all day every day from home contacting pupils, setting and marking tasks, and I've become used to us being able to isolate together which makes me feel safe!

If Y6 go back from 1st June, our baby will be newborn and I'm assuming very vulnerable.
I feel sick at the thought of any risk to the baby, but at the same time I can't expect him not to have any contact with them and also will likely need his help caring for baby as I may need a c-section.

Can his headteacher/HR definitely make him go back in? What could we do to limit risk to our baby if he is made to go in?

I just can't believe we are being told no family visitors etc, but apparently fine for him to go into a risky environment sad

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