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Asked to return to unsafe work? Section 44 Employment Rights Act

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Pepperama Mon 11-May-20 06:02:14

I didn’t know about this legislation so thought I’d share. If you think your employer has not taken appropriate measures to protect you but says you should go back, it should protect you from risk of harm:
Section 44 of the Employment Rights Act 1996
Legislation text:
Interpretation help (just one of many on the web):

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Utterlydespairing Mon 11-May-20 06:54:49

Many places can’t social distance. They’ll
Still have to go back. If you’re not back at the end of June, your furlough will stop and rightly so. Hospitality are the only businesses where it will continue.

iVampire Mon 11-May-20 06:58:03

I am hoping the statements to be made to Parliament today will
include consideration of
a) the shielded
b) those who cohabit with a shielded person
c) the vulnerable

Both workforce and, in the case of schools, pupils

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