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Key worker kids - Can they now go back?

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cantstopstressing Sun 10-May-20 22:30:38

I read numerous times in the last few weeks that the government would change their guidance to recommend that kids of keyworkers attend school wherever possible rather than only use schools where absolutely necessary. My DCs dad, my ex, is a frontline NHS worker (dr) but I have kept DC1, 12, and DC2, 10, off school as the government advice, and the advice from DC2's school, was only to use the school where the child cannot stay home. I am WFH whilst DCS do their school work and my DH looks after our toddler (we alternate) but it's horribly stressful as I am constantly on calls etc and have limited time to supervise home learning and I am now thinking that DC2, at least, would be better supported in school. I don't want to send him though if the school are reluctant to take him. What are others doing in this position? I am not overly worried from a health perspective.

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darceybusselllovesbrussells Sun 10-May-20 23:58:36

Unless your DC's are in yrsR, 1 or 6 then the advice hasn't changed.

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