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Are dentists providing prescription services / who can?

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MaternitySpongeBob Sun 10-May-20 21:40:04


I'm going to call my normal dentist tomorrow but does anyone know if they're allowed / might provide a prescription for pick-up..?

I get special toothpaste which I've been on for a few years now, I already ration it but have tried to withdraw twice with awful pain coming back. I normally just get a new prescription at check-up but obviously coronavirus has made it impossible. I normally get a 3 months supply but I only use it mornings so it lasts a good 6 month.

Are uk dentists able to provide this service at the moment? I've looked at buying it online before but you can't buy it without a prescription. If not could other NHS areas help? (111 maybe?)

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MaternitySpongeBob Sun 10-May-20 21:41:07

(don't want to waste am NHS phonecall tying up their time if the answer is a clear no)

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wingingit987 Sun 10-May-20 21:42:38

Dentist can prescribe over the phone. I'm sure this is something they can do

BeetrootRocks Sun 10-May-20 21:43:10

Ours are.

Just call them.

DH has had a prescription from dentist and he has had chat over the phone and they have sent prescription to pharmacy to collect.

Just call them it's fine smile

MaternitySpongeBob Sun 10-May-20 22:02:55

Ah excellent, I wasn't sure if they'd do it without seeing me. But it's my usual stuff from the dentist surgery I've used for years so hopefully not too problematic. I'll call once they're open. Thanks everyone.

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Bluewarbler27 Sun 10-May-20 22:14:42

My son gets it on prescription too. I phoned and they said they’d ring when they woukd do it but that was over a week ago.

BeetrootRocks Sun 10-May-20 22:18:46

Call them back bluewarbler!

Good luck op sure will be fine smile

MaternitySpongeBob Mon 11-May-20 10:24:49

They've got a script waiting at reception, just a phone call sorted it

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MaternitySpongeBob Mon 11-May-20 10:25:42

... posted too soon.

They said they could even email it to pharmacist! Great wishing I'd done this year's ago

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