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Not coping

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Deblou43 Sun 10-May-20 13:04:16


I know 99% of the country feels the same but I have hit a wall.

I suffer with anxiety all my life and went into depression last year after swapping antidepressants I just started to feel better when this started .. I am anxious every day which brings out my fear "I will get agoraphobia " which I won't because I go out !! I thought the other day maybe just top myself as I can't live with this anxiety and fear over the virus .. I am not suicidal and spoke to a charity who said a lot of people feel like that !!

I am scared for my parents kids and I don't mind lockdown it is the future I am scared about , will things return to normal , will we have to social distance for years? I Am getting more low each day and I am working full time from home which I know I am lucky too but also my partner is a key worker so I am working , cooking , cleaning and looking after young kids ... I feel bad moaning but I just need some positivity that this will end and we can all hug again
Thanks for listening x

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GoldenOmber Sun 10-May-20 13:15:13

Sorry you're having such a shit time of it OP. Yes it will end, we will all get to hug again. Lockdown is a short-term emergency measure. Social distancing is a slightly longer-term, but still a short time in the long run. As humans we've lived through epidemics of much nastier diseases than this. Think about the 1918/19 influenza pandemic that everyone's comparing this to - did people spend the 1920s social distancing and barricading themselves in their houses? No, they were out doing the Charleston.

It will get better. The government has spent a fair bit of time flailing around and going off in the wrong direction but has settled on a pretty decent plan of testing and tracing now. It is really miserable to be juggling looking after kids with a full-time job but I'm trying to remind myself there too that it won't be forever, and that most of their childhoods will be totally normal compared to this and at some point (hopefully soon, please soon) life will get less horrifically manic and stressful for us.

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