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To think my partners parents are being selfish!

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deewebb99x Sun 10-May-20 08:18:48

So my partners parents don't live in the uk haven't for a few years now. They usually come between may/ June to august, with the corona situation right now when they get their flight back from where they are to the uk they could pick it up or anything! They have two high risk daughters, and 3 grandchildren 2 I have and one living in their other house right now. I think just because they're British and know they can still come back to the uk for their ' holiday ' they shouldn't be doing so? I'm due in just over a month and don't really don't other half seeing them because I know when they're here they won't social distance. Are they being selfish or am I overreacting?

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Connie222 Sun 10-May-20 09:28:45

They are being ridiculous.

And christ, you are due in a month. You really don’t want to be risking covid now. Your partner would be very selfish to see them and risk infecting you.

Floatyboat Sun 10-May-20 09:31:07

They're probably more at risk than the younger family (unless they're incredibly healthy and the younger ones are really vulnerable). So it's not selfish so much as different attitude to risk. Talk it through

SoloMummy Sun 10-May-20 11:55:58

It depends on the message this afternoon.
If things remain as they are for the next 6 weeks then yanbu. If however, there are restrictions being lifted you're being unreasonable. But until then you cannot really make a judgement call as things may change significantly.

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