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Anyone else missing their boyfriend?

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Funtraresg Sun 10-May-20 00:36:08

I am 24 and living with my parents as he is.
Havent seen him since the lockdown in March and it's really hit me tonight.
I have a feeling the family and friends restriction wont be eased after Wales' announcement and I was hoping so bad they would ease it.

Why is it I can have someone from KFC make my food but I cant have a cup of tea with mt boyfriend. Why is it so many shops are beginning to reopen, including Ikea, yet I can't drive 25 minutes to see him because police are stopping random cars asking where theyre going and turning them back if non-essential,

I feel my brain is frazzled tonight. I just want to even go for a walk with him. I feel like i'm in prison and I just have groundhog day everyday. I think this next 3 week extension will take a toll on my mental health.

I know i'm not the only one and people have it worse but in my own bubble, I feel sad

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Startingoverat34 Sun 10-May-20 04:49:46

I’m in the same boat.... and it’s really affecting me too. I’d do anything just to have a hug!

My Mental health is really struggling with the fact I can’t even see him from a distance, he keeps me so steady, and this is the time that it’s needed so desperately.

I have no desire for shops/cafes or pubs etc to open, but to just be able to see him would make this whole situation more manageable.

A friend of mine messaged me saying she couldn’t understand why we didn’t just move in together when this first started, and made a comment about how it was our choices to be apart, when I was honest and said I was feeling quite lonely and sad being apart from him. Of course she was right in one sense, it absolutely was our choice, but I’m allowed to still feel sad, as are you in your situation, even if as you say people have it worse. Living together just wasn’t an option for us, we both have children and this just wasn’t the right circumstances for our relationship dynamic to change.... but I’m allowed to be sad about it.

I truly hope that something may change today and we can have a ‘bubble’ (I just want a bubble of one!) and either way, You are not alone! I hope you feel less sad very soon.

Myyearmytime Sun 10-May-20 04:55:53

Yes really hope restrictions are lift today . It feels like Christmas eve as a little kid where you are super excited to getting what you want . But you are also a teenager knowing you probably wont get get it .
I think really effect long distance relationships as local one are probably meeting up by now .

Iamclearlyamug Sun 10-May-20 06:37:01

My fiance is abroad so I won't see them until international flights start again. I have good days and bad ones but I can't see us being together until at least September which will have been 7 months apart 😔😔

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