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Quarantine for travellers entering uk

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GabsAlot Sat 09-May-20 23:38:53

So yes i thought they should have done this from the start ive no problem with it but ive just realised if my holiday goes ahead in november to the states this will include me and dh

I dont work so fine but theres no way theyre going to let dh take off an extra 2 weeks after our holiday its just not possible

We booked in jan so covid at the time so we thought was just affecting the far east

Airline isnt going to let us cancel based on this are theyim half hoping the whole thing is cancelled now so we at least get out money back

anyone else in the same boat

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GabsAlot Sat 09-May-20 23:41:18


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derxa111 Sat 09-May-20 23:49:04

I remember asking this when posters were complaining that we didn't do this earlier. How on earth can the majority of workers manage this?

Wehttam Sat 09-May-20 23:51:12

Perhaps the non essential travel guidance is expected to still be in place until the end of the year so I doubt it will affect you?

GabsAlot Sat 09-May-20 23:54:09

well like i said i really dont know but how can they expect the travel industry to survive

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Wehttam Sun 10-May-20 00:06:06

It possibly won’t, especially with social distancing measures set to continue for the foreseeable. The job losses and economic impact will be enormous, as would the death toll if these measures weren’t in place. The travel industry may be one of the sacrifices we make short term in order to not allow the virus to burn through the population.

Givenupno Sun 10-May-20 00:12:49

The travel industry as we know it won’t survive.

The UK are only (finally) implementing what most other similar nations have been doing for weeks.

Holidays without a quarantine at both ends aren’t happening for a long time - deal with it

Wingedharpy Sun 10-May-20 01:58:35

Realistically though, how can this be policed?
We don't need to carry any documents around with us ,usually, so what's to stop travellers mingling in with everyone else?

notangelinajolie Sun 10-May-20 02:35:15

I don't see how this would work? So you land back in the UK and fill in the form they give you. You put your home address as place of quarantine - and then you go home. Presumably they aren't going to tag you so how do they know you haven't gone out to Tesco or even back to work?

sofato5miles Sun 10-May-20 02:41:27

In the country i live in, it is policed by a tracking app on your phone.

Things are changing all the time, you will just have to wait and see, i am afraid.

Legoandloldolls Sun 10-May-20 03:18:15

I'm just hoping my trip in July is cancelled. To much uncertainty and stress.

Tracking app on phone wouldnt work either. Surely you just leave the phone at home when you nip to Tesco Express?

I have been to shops three times in lockdown all within the rules. But I dont want to be tracked so switched off my phone ( I'm sure no one has any reason to track me, but I didnt want to be part of a big data anomonised data set from my provider either

bluetongue Sun 10-May-20 04:55:25

Before they moved quarantine for returning travellers to hotels in Australia the police would randomly check. If they called in at your house and you weren’t home you get get a rather large fine.

SnowsInWater Sun 10-May-20 05:05:52

Here in Sydney you are escorted to a bus once you clear customs and taken straight to a hotel for 14 days. If you then want to travel to another State that has closed it's borders you need to do another 14 days once you arrive in that State but I think that can be a nominated address. You will be phoned multiple times each day with spot checks to make sure you are there. This is for returning citizens/permanent residents though. No tourists allowed. We are expecting restrictions on International travel to last until 2021!

derxa111 Sun 10-May-20 06:21:15

How can the travel industry survive?

Shinesweetfreedom Sun 10-May-20 06:26:03

It won’t

Pepperama Sun 10-May-20 06:33:51

There is absolutely no point doing this in a country which has a large outbreak. It's done it right at the start to prevent it, absolutely. Once it's properly under control, yes, makes sense. At the moment? Complete nonsense, as you're more likely to catch it in UK than elsewhere.

It also makes me really sad - elderly parents abroad, wondering when we will see them again, and how much time my children have left to be with their grandparents. But wouldn't travel anyway just now, risk too great that we'd inadvertently export the virus. Dark thoughts though that we may not see them again.

iVampire Sun 10-May-20 06:35:52

This shows that they do not want leisure tourism to restart for a considerable time

But that it will be possible for those who need to travel internationally for other reasons to do do (important work, family and compassionate reasons)

Undervaluedandsad Sun 10-May-20 06:51:15

We have the same problem, holiday booked before we realised the impact covid-19 was going to have. Even if holidays are allowed by the end of the year, we can’t take a further 2 weeks off to self isolate so will have to cancel the holiday and presumably lose the money.

Jenasaurus Sun 10-May-20 06:59:26

My friends sons getting married abroad in November, does this mean my friend will be quarantined for 2 weeks when she arrives, (and therefore miss the wedding) and then return home to be quarantined for a further 2 weeks in the UK and then get in trouble with work for taking 4 weeks holiday? I am confused, is it both ends that do the quarantining or just when you return.

AnguaResurgam Sun 10-May-20 07:04:17

Yes, it could be very shit if it leads to insurance not paying out

I think attending weddings abroad will become a rarity, simply out of reach for most people. They will need to be streamed instead, which is not really the same but at least it's something. It'll just have to be chalked up as one of the hidden costs of emigration

AnotherBoredOne Sun 10-May-20 07:07:27

Tourism as it was can't resume. Holiday within the UK or delay it but I can't imagine I would want to travel to any country in the world for a while.

SailingAwayIntoSunrise Sun 10-May-20 07:17:02

@Jenasaurus if countries have closed borders (i.e. quarantine required when landed) it's a safe bet that holiday travel isn't allowed.

The government in Aus are paying for quarantine. We're not going to pay for you to quarantine for 2 weeks because you're on a jolly!

TokyoSushi Sun 10-May-20 07:19:42

Of course it also plays into the governments message of 'yes of course you can go on holiday, we're not stopping you going...'

Its virtually impossible for anybody who works to actually go though...

Pollyputthepizzaon Sun 10-May-20 07:44:27

It is absolutely insane that this isn’t happening already. Here in guernsey it’s been the case since Mid-March. We shot up the curve, flattened it in its tracks and shot down the other side.

We are now down to an incredible 12 cases on the island and not a SINGLE new case for 10 days.

We’ve crushed it through strict measures, early on, including 14 days quarantine for arrivals.

DarkMutterings Sun 10-May-20 07:52:31

Been in place for months in other countries, including HK where I am.

In very simplistic terms you land, get taken to a centre to be tested and tagged (wrist bracket that is securely attached and synced to your phone). This can take up to 12 hours from landing. You go home, your phone is tracked your that address. If you, the bracelet or phone leave the address, authorities are notified. The police also do spot checks, if you're not there, huge fine. Break any of those conditions, quarantined at a government centre. At the end of 14 days tested again and if clear, tag removed.

When it started the process was sloppy, people got caught out and about. It's all been tightened up now. There's also big social pressure to comply - at the beginning one lady was seen out with the tag on, videos show her being shouted at and police called.

Some hotels have set themselves up as quarantine centres for those who have vulnerable family at home or other reasons why they can't quarantine at home.

Pretty much no one goes anywhere, business or leisure. You have to ask yourself is the trip worth a) 14 days quarantine when I arrive somewhere and then b) 14 days quarantine when I get back. The answer is pretty few trips justify that.

It's shit, especially for those with family overseas, but for the last few weeks the only cases we've had are imported ie people flying in. So if it allows the rest of us to return to normal - then so be it. Going to be a long long hot summer though!

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