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Help - can someone find me a treadmill??

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Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 22:31:55

I know some of you are excellent at finding stuff online and I am hoping someone can help me find a treadmill which is not sold out.
I’m after a treadmill to go up to at least 13 km ph, and budget of £700 max.
Everywhere I look, they’re sold out and I’d love to start running at home (as I feel a bit to wiggly to run in public😨).

If anyone know a small little shop that sells them, or can point me in a new direction, I’d be so grateful !

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Orangeteddy Sat 09-May-20 22:49:35

Have you looked at Argos? The Reebok Z9 Treadmill is £599.99, goes up to 16km ph and shows as available for home delivery within the week for me though may depend where you live in the country?

RainMustFall Sat 09-May-20 22:53:04

Try googling or I'm sure Amazon sell them.

Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 22:53:35

Thanks, i tried all the Argos ones and none of them are available for delivery..

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Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 22:54:34

I’ve googled all evening to find one but no luck 🙁

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DivGirl Sat 09-May-20 22:57:58

Sports direct have some.

DivGirl Sat 09-May-20 23:00:42

Sorry, that wasn't very helpful. Sports direct have some and they're available for delivery this week. They have a Reebok one that will do 16kph for £479.

DivGirl Sat 09-May-20 23:01:57

Clicky link

ATowelAndAPotato Sat 09-May-20 23:04:18

Decathalon might be showing as out of stock but they seem to get more in within a week so might be worth re-checking?

Wannabeeme Sat 09-May-20 23:04:53

Does decathlon have any? They seem to replenish their stock every so often

Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 23:08:49

Thanks DivG but tried to buy that treadmill already but the website won’t let me - says there is a problem when i get to the delivery part of the purchase..

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Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 23:11:38

Thanks, i’ll keep an eye out for new stock at decathlon - all showing out of stock at the moment.

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Wannabeeme Sat 09-May-20 23:13:32

Yes keep looking. I had a fanatical obsession with getting a netball post without paying silly money and one day after weeks of googling a new company appeared on my search list and I got one!

Blueblackrose Sat 09-May-20 23:14:41

You do though that nobody really cares about your wiggly bits!

Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 23:17:38

Feeling rather obsessed too - after spending all evening googling and getting excited when I find one, to only be disappointed when I can’t actually buy them.
Glad you found your post in the end Wannabee- that gives me hope!

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Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 23:21:11

Yeah, I know Blue, and normally in a gym I don’t care too much but somehow in real life I’m too aware of it.
Also my exercise is a daily dog walk and sometimes a 2nd outing (🤫) cycling with the kids. Better to run at home instead of adding another outing in..

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Wannabeeme Sat 09-May-20 23:23:04

I reckon we’re going to be allowed out more to exercise soon anyway so don’t let that be your reason for getting one.

StartingGrid Sat 09-May-20 23:25:50

I too am after a treadmill, have become rather obsessed with the idea (hadn't been to the gym probably this year before this!). Be careful as a scam site has popped up on google shopping sponsored links offering 20% off a reebok gt30 one - I was so giddy at the sight of one without an out of stock banner, I nearly fell for it! It was called "mytech"something

Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 23:29:10

Yes, let’s hope so!
I enjoy running on a treadmill much more anyway, and expect gyms to remain shut for some time.
OH and dcs would use it too so I think it’d be an asset (I’ve invested too much now and can see myself slim and fit and powerful whilst running happily on my own treadmill💪)

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Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 23:32:29

I’ve seen that too Starting - if prices are too good to be true and they’ve got 100s in stock, alarm bells should be ringing!

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happygertie Sat 09-May-20 23:37:26

I got this one delivered just before lockdown and it's really good

OnlyJoking1 Sat 09-May-20 23:43:51

Facebook selling may have some.
Though the delivery or collection is likely to be a problem.

Tiuriwiththewhiteshield Sat 09-May-20 23:45:53

I think some Argos warehouses might still have them in, but the website says my local warehouse doesn’t, so the Argos ones are unavailable to me. Thanks though and enjoy running 👍

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middleoftheroad Sat 09-May-20 23:51:04

I tried the Sports Direct link too and it also didn't let me proceed at checkout.

cheeseycracker Sat 09-May-20 23:56:45

Ah Op I have a good treadmill in storage I wanted to get out but the storage company wouldn't let me get it due to lockdown. I ended up buying another one from Best Gym Equipment, it arrived in two days wa Sao impressed.... but looking on their website now it seems most have sold out. Grrrr.

As an aside, I will be selling the one I have in storage once I can get my hands on it!!

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