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Just received shielding letter?

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MyMagicStars Sat 09-May-20 13:11:55

Has anyone else had this this week? 12 weeks means August 1st! I’m asthmatic but not that severely, or at least I thought not. We live rurally and am desperate to be able to walk in the fields, I never see a soul.

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Myfriendanxiety Sat 09-May-20 13:13:06

You can still go for a walk if you choose to- they don’t lock you in the house!

RubieRose Sat 09-May-20 13:14:04

I never see a soul

You can still walk in the fields then, just avoid people.

Turnedouttoes Sat 09-May-20 13:15:06

Can you call your doctors to check if it actually applies to you? My friend got one this week and there’s nothing wrong with her. Her doctor called her to say a load of them had gone out in error so to ignore it

Bol87 Sat 09-May-20 13:17:06

Why are people suddenly getting these letters now?! What about the previous 8 weeks?! Where they not at risk then? It’s confusing!

Milbo Sat 09-May-20 13:33:55

I got the text this week but the letter hasn’t arrived yet. The text said until 30th June, doesn’t the letter say the same? It referred to 12 weeks but then said until 30th June. It’s all a bit confusing. Did you get the text too?

yikesanotherbooboo Sat 09-May-20 13:34:56

A certain proportion are incorrect; I agree ,discuss with your GP. I also agree that if you are not at risk on your walk I would continue to exercise.

PastMyBestBeforeDate Sat 09-May-20 13:37:45

I got phoned by the shielding line. No letter or text. I am in the vulnerable group but I don't know why they have put me in the higher risk group. Nor does my GP.

Wolfiefan Sat 09-May-20 13:39:00

I was phoned and told to shield.
I contacted GP and he says I don’t need to. Something like they go off codes on a central NHS database. I am asthmatic but not severely so.

Emcont Sat 09-May-20 13:39:19

I got a text yesterday too. No health conditions!

StripeyLurcher Sat 09-May-20 13:41:53

It's ridiculous they have left it so long. In your case maybe you don't need to shield if your asthma is not severe so check on that, but if you do you could have been putting yourself at risk for weeks.

Babysharkdoodoodood Sat 09-May-20 13:47:09

I got a text yesterday and gp emailed me the letter from the surgery. It says 30 June.

I let work now and they're sending me a laptop and phone after a risk assessment. I do have a lot if underlying conditions though, just not the ones specified in the first letter. I have been at work until now and there hasn't been much social distancing, tbh, due to the nature of the job. They moved the main desks apart, but that's been it.

I don't intend to leave the house, even for a walk now. I'm happy here, with my little garden and I'll have work to get on with. DH can get my prescriptions and I've had no problems getting a shopping delivery even 7 days from Morrisons. DS1 is living with his gf in his new house and ds2 is at his residential college.

FuckYouVirus Sat 09-May-20 13:49:53

Even though the letter says 12 weeks from the date of the letter, this is intact not the case. Its a generic letter which was meant to go out weeks ago. Its 12 weeks from the date it was meant to go out, not when you got it.

Currently anyone shielding needs to keep going until the 30th June. It may or may not be extended after the 30th.

Unravellingslowly Sat 09-May-20 14:02:24

Why are people suddenly getting these letters now?! What about the previous 8 weeks?! Where they not at risk then? It’s confusing!

They added some other conditions/medications and were sending letters out to those that now also needed to be shielding.

Bol87 Sat 09-May-20 14:12:21

Ah I see!

pinkpip100 Sat 09-May-20 14:18:11

I received a text on Thursday, no letter yet. I have no underlying conditions so was initially baffled, but when I spoke to the GP receptionist it turns out my daughter's records have been flagged as high risk. She does have underlying conditions, but nothing actually listed on the shielding list, so we had been treating her as more vulnerable - but definitely not shielding. I then spoke to the GP and he wasn't sure why we had suddenly received the text - his view was that she would be vulnerable but doesn't meet the shielding criteria at present. She has seen various hospital specialists over the years though, so could have been any one of those that decided she should be shielded. We're now unsure what to do going forward, especially once schools open up. It has thrown me a bit!

CrystalTipped Sat 09-May-20 14:27:59

We live rurally and am desperate to be able to walk in the fields, I never see a soul.

The virus isn't airborne...

SpringFan Sat 09-May-20 14:29:49

My G P hs a notice on their website. Apparently in our area everyone who has a flu jab got a shielding letter. It was a mistake , as it included those between 65-70, and possibly those who have one for work reasons.

Aragog Sat 09-May-20 14:31:00

I've had a phone call from the National Shielding line last week but nothing else. I don't believe I need to shield though know I'm vulnerable, at greater risk - we have a three point system here. I'm on two points and it's 3 for shielding.

I do need to confirm this before schools return fully really though but that's my understanding of our local system.

picklemewalnuts Sat 09-May-20 14:32:50

@unravellingslowly what are the conditions please? You have to subscribe to read the article.

FrancesHaHa Sat 09-May-20 14:37:34

Not recently but I received a shielding letter and a load of texts awhile ago. I'm asthmatic but its well managed. I assume I got it because I have a flu jab, but have done my own risk assessment and decided not to shield. I let the shielding line people know when they called

Lunawuna Sat 09-May-20 14:39:26

Do what you need to do, it's just advice given so that the medically vulnerable can't say the government did nothing to protect them.

Underhisi Sat 09-May-20 15:11:45

We got a letter for ds who is definitely in the vulnerable flu group rather than shielding group. We are not shielding.

Missillusioned Sat 09-May-20 15:18:25

My teenage son with no health conditions got a text. His number isnt even registered at the GP and he's under 16.

I assume his phone number used to be issued to someone else who hasn't changed their records at the GP.

LaDonnaDellaCasa Sat 09-May-20 15:19:46

Let Me Explain
I’ve had a text a couple of days ago which says a letter will follow.
I think in line with the relaxing of restrictions they have re-assessed so it is gradual & want high risk, vulnerable people to stay in until the 30th June along with the shielded extremely high risk which my husband is.

Sounds like reasonable advice to me that the more higher risk people wait a bit longer.

Had a similar email from work about “phasing” back & asking if you were higher risk or lived with a shielded person.

Believe me I’ve had pneumonia & it’s its not pleasant - took me nearly 2 years to get completely back on my feet & I was really sporty, fit & athletic. I wouldn’t want to risk it again!!!

That’s why I think people who are in shall we say category 2 (Category 1 being shielded) have had the texts & letters.

Give the NHS a break they have 65 million people to cope with, there may an error here or there but that’s the gist.

Stay safe!

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