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Lonely in lockdown and VE Celebrations

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Rainydayss Sat 09-May-20 10:03:37

Separated and DC are with him this weekend.
The loneliness feels worse this weekend when everyone seems to be enjoying happy families BBQs, VE party's etc. I know I'm not alone in feeling it, however just seems worse this weekend. Anyone in the same boat?

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blancheduboiss Sat 09-May-20 11:26:33

Absolutely the same. Although I do have my dp - we are very isolated. We have a very strained and low contact relationship with the in laws due to their nasty behaviour, but it makes me sad to see all their photos of them having a great time (grown up kids round in the garden) presumably not giving one thought to us. We’ve had zero zoom chats or quiz nights with anyone, and it really all does make me feel very lonely. I totally get you flowers Try and enjoy the nice weather and look forward to the DC being back

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