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On line learning - is it working for your child?

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Biscuit0110 Sat 09-May-20 08:55:19

I know we are fortunate to have some on line learning from school. However, I am really questioning whether it works for younger children at all and wondered what your experiences are?

DD15 sits down and ploughs through it no problem, she is losing motivation from time to time, but on the whole she is okay.

But my youngest dd11 is just not connecting with the concept all. She is struggling to follow the lesson, listen to the teacher, understand fully the concept being taught and is losing her concentration quickly. She would rather be doing anything else it appears, and really misses her school, friends and classroom atmosphere.

I am worried she isn't learning anything at all. Nothing seems to be going in, and given we are supposed to be doing this for many more weeks or months, her education or lack of, a loss of motivation and interest has really taken hold.

Please tell me she is not the only one. She is a very active child, and can not sit still for five minutes much less hours and hours in front of the screen.

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