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So how come Australia is still locked down?

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Teddypops Fri 08-May-20 22:39:09

So Australia has approx 20 new cases a day and barely no deaths.

So how come they are still locked down?

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JulietTango Fri 08-May-20 22:39:58

I thought they were relaxing their lockdown?

Teddypops Fri 08-May-20 22:44:44

Yes there are talks, but there has only been approx 7000 cases.

It's scary to think that they are locked down with so few cases and we are talking about lifting lockdown here with thousands of new cases daily!

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RoseMartha Fri 08-May-20 22:45:02

I think they have just loosened the restrictions.

JustStayHome Fri 08-May-20 22:45:32

Because they are sensible

Clemmieandareallybigbunfight Fri 08-May-20 22:47:50

Because their pm had his arse handed to him over letting the country burn (remember that)
As soon as enough people have lost their jobs for the public mood to shift they'll be out of lockdown quicker than he can say ' I wish I was Jacinda'

ChakaDakotaRegina Fri 08-May-20 22:54:13

Many of the deaths are linked to just 1 care home and a couple of cruise liners. That’s how quickly it spreads and leads to deaths and Aus doesn’t want it to spread any further.

Most of the world is appalled by the 30k deaths in the UK. And yet the government and papers are calling it a win. There’s no confirmation that you get immunity from having it. It may as well have not locked down.

Cordial11 Fri 08-May-20 22:57:08

Hey - I am in Australia .

They are being careful. Things have started to lift and expecting more things to re-open next week. It's split into phases and we are at Phase 1.

They have handled everything really well. Forced quarantine in hotels and islands for anyone who has arrived (that's been going on for months) and has really helped the spread I believe.

Derlei Fri 08-May-20 22:59:46

They are heading into their winter and so can't afford to see a spike in cases , as there are some concerns that the fact they are at the tail end of their summer is one of the reasons they have been able to contain it

LiesHumansTellThemselves Fri 08-May-20 23:00:51

Because we can see what has happened to the rest of the world?

Carefully does it.

Morrison is an idiot, but the Premiers are doing an ace job (mostly by ignoring Morrison).

Schools are back in NSW this week part time. Our Premier wants to do this slowly so that we can KEEP a handle on things, and I support that.

Still waiting for the legislation/source code on the App. Once that is out I will make a decision on whether to download.

Each State is taking a slightly different approach which is appropriate given the different demographics/spread of people etc.

State/Federal system is working nicely in my opinion.

GreenTulips Fri 08-May-20 23:01:22

What would the right number be to be out of lockdown?

whywhywhy6 Fri 08-May-20 23:08:02

It is scary that the UK are even considering reducing restrictions. There’s no pride in 30k deaths.

Australia were quicker to close down and will continue to quarantine returning travellers in hotels for a long time yet. To do anything less is insanity.

StartupRepair Fri 08-May-20 23:12:41

We are so lucky that our premier (in Victoria) is resisting the demands to get people back to the pub and the footy. Two things I didn't really do before!
We have watched in horror the terrible toll in US and UK.

PhoneLock Fri 08-May-20 23:14:22

They have been relaxed in WA.

Drivingdownthe101 Fri 08-May-20 23:14:27

There’s no pride in 30k deaths

And no one is proud of 30k deaths.

LiesHumansTellThemselves Fri 08-May-20 23:16:51

Dan is indeed the Man. 😁

I am actually pretty impressed with all of the Premiers though.

What is appropriate in Darwin may not be appropriate in Melbourne. So while we need to pull together as a country it makes sense to acknowledge the differences as well.

Musicalmistress Fri 08-May-20 23:18:07

Western Australia around Perth high risk kids are back to school next week.

SillyCow6 Fri 08-May-20 23:21:15

Because they place more importance on keeping people alive. Looking in on the UK's response to covid19 has made me even more glad that I dont live there, and even more determined that I never will again

m0therofdragons Fri 08-May-20 23:21:29

No one is proud of 30k deaths. Just need to be clear that our numbers aren’t completely comparable with other countries who are recording things differently.

user1471499545 Fri 08-May-20 23:33:36 Interesting article from today's paper
The Australian government has been proactive since January. We dont want to see our gains lost. I am normally not a fan of the Morrison Government, but i believe thay have done a great job.

StartupRepair Fri 08-May-20 23:38:07

Australia has had 93 deaths.

bluetongue Sat 09-May-20 01:20:54

Australia has done a pretty good job. I’m annoyed they released the app before it was working properly (almost useless in iPhone apparently) but apart from that it’s been handled well.

I’m in South Australia and there are only two known active cases here so things are starting to go back to some kind of normal here. I’ve been working in my city office job the whole time.

timeisnotaline Sat 09-May-20 01:28:17

Australia can near eradicate the virus. They are refining tracking and contact tracing so as they ease up any cluster can be captured and stopped spreading. The U.K.. much of the us, it’s really just spreading freely. Victoria has had a cluster a week ago and you can see how fast it moves with 20 odd cases a day for a week. It will be great to be in phase 1 of loosening restrictions though!

To us the mind boggles you are talking about loosening restrictions while there are hundreds of new cases a day which means actually thousands as no one is really getting tested.

ToffeeYoghurt Sat 09-May-20 01:36:41

Because Australia has common sense and values lives. They realise the truth of short term pain long term gain re the economy.

Most of the world is appalled by the 30k deaths in the UK

SailingAwayIntoSunrise Sat 09-May-20 01:43:13

I'm in Victoria and I'm concerned they're loosening the restrictions too soon.

But I know we have to put a toe in the water and see how it goes.

I'm not sending DC to school until I'm happy and dh is WFH indefinitely. I lost my job because of the virus which means I am able to homeschool for as long as I want.

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