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Anyone else enjoying a massive VDay street party?

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Choctimeout Fri 08-May-20 21:47:11

Well I say enjoying...more like enduring 😁

It started off well, a few people in their gardens keeping their distance.

It has now decended into a full street mob of around 50 people complete with mobile disco, terrible karaoke and seemingly endless pissed screeching.

We are shielding so haven't ventured out, but I am finding it interesting how quickly social distancing went out of the window when the alcohol started flowing.

Couple of them coughing up a storm between laughing...

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Bigfishylittlefishy Fri 08-May-20 21:57:27

Our road started off very civilised and has now descended into full on Irish music piss up! Majority of residents here are Irish, or Irish descent, including us. Still though..... it’s VE Day hmm

Candyflosscookie Fri 08-May-20 22:09:12

Absolutely nothing happening here and I'm delighted about it. The whole tea party idea made me cringe anyway, not a fan of the jingoistic Rule Britannia flag waving crap at the best of times. I'd rather commemorate both grandfathers sacrificed in the war (one died, one came home with ruined mental health) quietly and respectfully.
Some people will use any excuse to just get pissed.

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