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Therabble Fri 08-May-20 20:01:23

A few people I know have moved them and their kids in with their parents so that they can actually manage to wfh. They figured it was pretty safe since everyone had been isolated for weeks on end already. Do you think arrangements like this might be sanctioned by the gov soon? Seems safer than just letting everyone meet multiple other people?

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Meredithgrey1 Fri 08-May-20 20:39:50

Moving house permanently is already allowed I think? We did this just before the lockdown, DH and I wouldn't be able to wfh otherwise. PILs are under 60 and not vulnerable though.

Meredithgrey1 Fri 08-May-20 20:40:13

By permanently I mean until lockdown ends

goose1964 Fri 08-May-20 21:07:44

I'd have my daughter, son-in-law and grandson to come to stay with us at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately DSiL is shielding and neither of them drive so they couldn't get here without public transport.

Therabble Fri 08-May-20 21:13:02

Yes I suppose it does rely on car travel between houses. Didn't realise it was already seen as an "allowed" thing to do - other threads seem not to think so!

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inwood Fri 08-May-20 21:13:16

It is allowed? I would have moved mine in if we had the space.

Therabble Fri 08-May-20 21:16:22

I can't find reference to it on the gov website?

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majesticallyawkward Fri 08-May-20 21:25:21

It's the same as couples who don't normally live together who can move in or not see each other, or how you could go stay with a friend for a few days following an argument at home. So you can't mix households as in ho visit and then return to another home but can move in for the duration.

If it wasn't for pets I'd have done it weeks ago!

Therabble Fri 08-May-20 22:15:44

That's interesting. I think it's a good idea but I don't really understand why moving in for the duration is any different to visiting/providing childcare - if both houses are themselves isolated and travel is via car? Also why is blending households allowed but not moving one family to a second (more comfortable?) house? And having a nanny come to look after your kids is ok but not having a grandparent/unpaid family member? It makes no sense.

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