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How do you keep busy?

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Kcnana Fri 08-May-20 13:58:14

Just that. How do you keep busy during these crazy times?

I'm still working full time which keeps my mind off things during the week but come the weekend, I really struggle. Today, I woke up and was a bit gutted that I had, like a lot of people I've well and truly had enough. I think the build up in the media this week that Boris is going to reduce restrictions helped but this morning I've seen the extensions announced in Wales and Scotland and its pulled me right back down (unrealistic hope, I know).

I've sat and done some cross stitching but still feel rubbish. How do you pass the time and look after your mental wellbeing?

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koffeetoast Fri 08-May-20 15:40:13

This is how I feel today and completely bored. I'm over going for walks. Hated them before, still hate them now.

misskiki69 Fri 08-May-20 16:47:18

It's starting to get to everyone now I think. I live alone and as much as I love my own company, I'm started to get bored shitless now. I've got into a pretty gruelling weights/kettlebell routine which is helping. The idea was that I can eat what I like as long as I exercise until the brink of sheer exhaustion. I was wrong. Very wrong indeed! 😂

Orangeblossom78 Fri 08-May-20 18:23:05

I have been trying to read on the kindle, do some housework and get out for a walk every day but am spending too much time online and watching rubbish on TV in evenings with the DC. having a bath every evening to relax and listen to the radio. getting very groundhog day like though.

Maxandezra Fri 08-May-20 22:08:26

ummm well full time work (keyworker, nhs) which is mega full on just now, homeschooling 4 dc, housework (intensified due to so many people in the house for so long) trying to keep on top of buying food for us all(with all queueing etc), walkking the dogs, running when I can, trying to get dc out for fresh air, trying to keep in contact with edlerly parents and see they are Ok.....never bloody stop and I'm so, so tired . I loooong for one single day where I have nothing to do.sad

Rhianna1980 Fri 08-May-20 22:14:33

I’ve got two little children, I’d love a day on my own... however, in your case, can I suggest one of these Free online courses if I had the time or do an online cooking course/watch YouTube cooking videos to learn something new and tasty. Here’s the free online educational courses from Harvard:

Worth a try?

Sorryoo Sat 09-May-20 10:41:27

I am bored out of my skull (I shouldn't complain really as I know I would rather be bored than deal with the horror that is Small Children wink)

The worst thing for me is that I am shielded so the weeks stretch out in front of me and I can't even go for walks.

Another problem is that DH's work is wobbly so I can't really spend money which makes it hard.

I have been:

Homeschooling DC - although this is not exactly a pleasurable activity blush
New books to read and re-reading lots of old ones.
Box sets to watch
Cross stitch (this can fill lots of time actually)
Mumsnetting (I have been looking at a new topic each week I usually wouldn't look at E.g. gardening and learning a lot)
I know there is app called Readly which has online magazines for £7.99 if useful to anyone?
I'm lucky enough to have a garden so I sit outside
Also lucky to have a cat and play with her for ages (shoelaces, pipe cleaners)
Cooking new things and planning recipes - this involves lists which is lovely as I also make lots of lists for things I would like to do like paint (this has sub categories of Areas to Paint, Shades to Paint etc etc. I love a list!)
I can't really exercise but I'm trying new sketches
Very long baths with face masks etc.
I've also done a history course on line and have a few more on the wish list
Rearranging my wardrobe in categories (actually I could involve lists here too grin)

I also spend quite a lot of time leaning out of my window listening to my neighbours arguing

What I keep dreaming of is going to charity shops and browsing old fashioned cookbooks. I actually dreamt about that the other night grin I'm re-reading all my old cooking magazines and recipe books.

I know really I shouldn't be moaning as I have a garden and older DC, it's just the thought of not being allowed out for two more months possibly longer. The irony is that I would probably not go out anyway as I know the risks, I just really don't like being told not to...

Sorryoo Sat 09-May-20 10:45:19

Another irony is that my friends have much younger DC and I would love to take them off their hands for a day or two (pleasurable as they are someone else's DC that I will hand back grin)

I know my friends would love this too wink

Before the shielding (and the full realisation of the risks!) I had an arrangement with my best friend that I would look after her DD while she had to work. So now I feel guilty and sad.

lazylinguist Sat 09-May-20 10:49:40

I just don't get bored, ever! I can sit and do nothing for a surprising amount of time without getting bored. However, atm I am knitting (lots), reading, playing board games, and learning Spanish (listening to Spanish audiobooks and podcasts). Oh and doing the bloody housework.

TooTrueToBeGood Sat 09-May-20 10:54:58

I've been doing a lot of vocational learning through reading and online training courses. If I have to be under semi house arrest at least I'll come out of it with knowledge and skills that will benefit my career.

ifonly4 Sat 09-May-20 10:55:11

I'm very lucky in that I don't get bored.

I've had a good sort out of food for sell by dates/items to put in case of isolation this morning, as well as cutting the grass and putting washing out. Definitely a bike ride later (probably 45/60 mins), and I need to try and get through to the bank - not had any luck this week. It's my turn to phone a friend and I need to phone my Mum and Auntie and Uncle for a chat (I'm keeping in touch with elderly people I know a lot more at the moment). Inbetween the above, messing around on here, reading my book, playing a game if anyone wants to. I've always got jigsaws to do and if I'm desperate we have loads recorded that we never watch.

OP, you may have specific exercise planned for later. If not, get yourself out now - go for a good walk or bike ride - even take a drink and snack and sit down on a bench, the grass - we're allowed to do that if it's a long walk. If you live with others, take them with you, make a bit of a trip out of it. Phone your friends/family - if you'll like me they'll tire you out chatting for ages, but good to keep in touch. If you have a garden and it's not up together, make plans for what you want/need to do and what you'll need - it's already been announced garden centres will be open next week.

Hedgehog44 Sat 09-May-20 11:24:55

Not bored either. I have an exercise routine and dogs to walk but getting time to read as much as I like is fab and doing housework in the week instead of spending a whole day at the weekend on it has been great. Have done lots of house jobs I wouldn't normally get time for.

Sorryoo Sat 09-May-20 11:59:55

If people are posting to say you yourself never get bored, why don't you fuck off to another thread 

Joking, but only kind of as OP says she feels rubbish and is looking for ideas to improve mental wellbeing.

I have been up for five hours already and have about ten hours more hours to fill today. And every day for the next few months is going to be like this and it has been for weeks already.

I know I am only speaking for myself but as a person shielded for the foreseeable future and feeling bored and a bit lonely, I find it a bit insensitive that people are saying well I don't feel like that and I'm happy with it as 1. It's not really helpful and 2. it makes me feel there is a tone of "well you're not doing enough".

I know people probably don't mean that to come across like that but it does to me at least. I actually am genuinely glad for people not struggling and happy for you even if it doesn't sound like it! It just seems a bit unhelpful and insensitive to say it on this thread.

I'm sorry if I've hijacked your thread a bit there @Kcnana blush

Sorryoo Sat 09-May-20 12:01:02

Oh no I actually had a grin at the end of my first sentence which got missed off and now it seems really rude without it! blush

CakeCakeCake21 Sat 09-May-20 12:09:10

I don't know, all the things I do are quite basic so you probably have already thought of them and either already do them or they don't appeal.
Read - I sorted out the bookcase and brought out 12 or so books I haven't read and put them in a pile by my bed and am working through them. Also it takes me all week to work my way through the weekend papers.
Watch TV - I have a similar backlog to the books situation and am waiting to watch The Bridge series 2, Twin (or is it Twins, another Scandi thing), Star Trek Discovery, the last series of Dr Who, Devs..
Jigsaw - I have a 1,000 piece one I haven't even broken open yet
Exercise - I was doing Davina workouts but now she wants me to pay so I need to find something else
Walking and cycling
Learning a language on Duolingo
Sorting out cupboards, boxes, etc

lazylinguist Sat 09-May-20 12:15:53

If people are posting to say you yourself never get bored, why don't you fuck off to another thread

Tbh that's not a very helpful remark with or without a grin, since those of us who don't get bored have nevertheless said what we are doing to occupy ourselves during lockdown, which is exactly what the OP asked for. confused

girlicorne Sat 09-May-20 12:33:54

I work and home school DS in the week I ll do a bit of work at weekends if anything comes in or I still have stuff to do from the week. I’m self employed so the more I do the more I make so the way I see it while there’s nothing else to do I might as well get on top of my to do list and make extra money. I also do a lot of self development, linked In learning have a months free trial and there’s brilliant stuff on there. I read and listen to motivational podcasts as well. It’s a far cry from our old life we are at theme parks and away camping every weekend this time of year but it’s not forever😀 I was struggling with my mental health before lockdown so I ve used the time to regroup and get on top of all the stuff that was dragging me down. In a weird sort of way I feel lockdown has saved my life.

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