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The elephant in the room

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Needsomegoodnews Fri 08-May-20 13:13:44

So some people are desperate for lockdown to end. Fewer hospital cases. Fewer deaths. These mostly in hospitals and care homes. Mild illness for most etc etc

I’ve been ill now with classic symptoms for SEVEN weeks (otherwise v healthy, slim, active etc). Not tested (so will get flamed that it’s not covid) but HAVE now had a chest X-ray showing ongoing classic infection signs in my lungs. 3 lots of antibiotics haven’t improved things so likely viral and likely covid. I have a fever right now (again - comes and goes). No one has any idea if I’m still infectious or whether I will eventually get better (or worse) and I’ve heard of many others in a similar boat. Without better testing and knowledge of how this virus progresses how on earth can anyone predict the implications of letting it spread again even more?
I have two small children and trying to keep up with a demanding job when I can so I fully appreciate the desire for normality but nothing after lockdown can be normal. I wouldn’t wish how I’ve been feeling on anyone.

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Coronabored Fri 08-May-20 13:18:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

user200000000 Fri 08-May-20 13:19:16

Can't you get a test so you know for sure?

cookingmywaythroughlockdown Fri 08-May-20 13:22:23

I'm sorry you feel so awful but your case is exceptional. Most people recover quickly. Some don't have symptoms and we obviously don't know how many that is. Some people die. It's impossible to predict but we cannot live in lockdown forever and there's no evidence at all lockdown significantly helps when the virus is this widespread. I work in a hospital, there are hundreds of us at work each day. Each going home to a family some of who are working. Do we really think lockdown us smothering infection rates? It's taken the edge off that's all.

PJ6M Fri 08-May-20 13:26:22

It sounds horrible, what you're going through. Sorry to hear it.

As tends to be the case these days, people have arranged themselves into polarising viewpoints and turned it into a fight.

But there's truth on both sides. Yes, the virus kills. But economic collapse and poverty would kill too. We are in between a rock and a hard place and I wouldn't want to be making those decisions. Personally, I have no expertise in these matters at all, so I've yet to form much of an opinion.

But looking at the general mood, it does look like the majority of the public agree with you that lockdown shouldn't be ended.

B1rdbra1n Fri 08-May-20 13:26:46

OP, sorry to hear that you've been ill for so longsad
I hope things improve for you soon.

ComtesseDeSpair Fri 08-May-20 13:29:06

It’s still like many other illnesses though: I had scarlet fever a couple of years back and it took me over a month to recover whereas generally most people who get it are better within a week or so. I also developed complications and a year later was still taking antibiotics for the endocarditis it left me with. I was exceptional. Just as the majority of people of a healthy weight and with no underlying health conditions recover relatively quickly from Covid but a few, like you, become iller than expected.

DonneWithThis Fri 08-May-20 13:33:26

Bit unnecessary Coronabored ?

SeriouslySoDoneIn Fri 08-May-20 13:33:40

Loss of personal freedoms, the destruction of our economy and being trapped in our homes is getting to people. You may be sick but that doesn’t mean lockdown should continue, you’re in the minority with how long you’ve been ill. It sucks, but in another week or two no one is going to care about protecting the vulnerable. No one is going to care about the NHS or whether or not the virus is deadly. They’ll care about the collapsed economy, they’ll care about not having seen their families in almost 3 months, they’ll care about not being able to work and keep a roof over their heads. They’ll worry about being able to still put food on the table and their children’s mental health.

Coronabored Fri 08-May-20 13:36:11

Nope. Just fact.

YetAnotherSpartacus Fri 08-May-20 13:36:24

Yes. A lot of those saying 'end lockdown now' are those who are simply tired of lockdown. They have not thought through the consequences.

Get well soon OP.

SylvanianFrenemies Fri 08-May-20 13:38:34

Why the smiley face @Coronabored? Bit weird.

Sorry you are unwell OP. There is still so much to learn about how this virus works and spreads.

ineedaholidaynow Fri 08-May-20 13:39:53

Bit rude @Coronabored.

I'm sorry you are not feeling well OP

Purplewithred Fri 08-May-20 13:41:01

We know the short term implications of letting it spread a little more - we will have more cases. But to be brutally honest until there is a vaccine we have to learn to balance more Covid-19 cases against restarting other healthcare (cancer, hips and knees, etc etc) and actually having an economy.

CrunchyCarrot Fri 08-May-20 13:41:19

You really need to be able to get a test so you know for sure. It sounds awful. I hope you feel better soon. We desperately need far more and better testing (and easier to access!)

SeriouslySoDoneIn Fri 08-May-20 13:42:35

@YetAnotherSpartacus I’ve thought of the consequences. Not so sure how I’m going to feed my kids in two months, but good for you if you know how you’ll manage it. Not going to be able to pay my bills either, fuck knows how I’ll manage to keep a roof over our heads too.

From what I can understand it’s the elderly and the medically vulnerable that are at risk of death from this. Very tiny minority of people who have had no diagnosed health conditions beforehand (though that doesn’t mean there wasn’t undetected health conditions). But we should all suffer because they can’t make the decision to stay inside themselves eh!

Astrid84 Fri 08-May-20 13:43:12

If you suspected covid, why did you not get tested sooner? You clearly present with the symptoms?

Needsomegoodnews Fri 08-May-20 13:44:11

@user200000000 no still no tests unless you meet the drip feed criteria - that’s the problem. As soon as I’m eligible I will but unless testing is widespread and repeated when symptoms persist there can be no understanding of transmission risks.

I’m well aware for many/most it’s more mild (my husband and one child got off very lightly, other child was quite ill for 2 weeks) but I don’t think my case is actually all that rare (even my GP in a small town reports many others struggling to shift it after weeks) and no one really knows as there’s no monitoring in the community.

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SeasonFinale Fri 08-May-20 13:47:10

Tests are available for all with suspected virus though.

Astrid84 Fri 08-May-20 13:47:13

You are having breath difficulties? That's a symptom.

These are the types of posts that are unhelpful, they feed unnecessary fear!!

If you haven't been tested and confirmed dont come on hear and spread your fear with "I've had covid for 7 weeks"

I do wish well, I really do but these posts are the worst!

Astrid84 Fri 08-May-20 13:47:36


YetAnotherSpartacus Fri 08-May-20 13:47:39

From what I can understand it’s the elderly and the medically vulnerable that are at risk of death from this. Very tiny minority of people who have had no diagnosed health conditions beforehand (though that doesn’t mean there wasn’t undetected health conditions). But we should all suffer because they can’t make the decision to stay inside themselves eh

Yeah, like fuck the elderly and those with asthma, diabetes and so on. Oh, and my friend who was a little out of the age range and as far as wel know no underlying conditions, and all the NHS staff and so on. Yeah, fuck them.

PaddingtonsHat Fri 08-May-20 13:47:40

I think the isolation rules cover this though- only end isolation if you are well

BakewellGin1 Fri 08-May-20 13:47:45

I hope you feel better soon. How you are is exactly how my Mum was in January. She had two lots of antibiotics then a third which still didn't shift it. She had paramedics called twice as she couldn't breathe, had an ongoing sudden cough and temperatures that didn't come down. It took her weeks to recover, chest xrays showed infection and fluid on her lungs, damage to her liver from infection. She was diagnosed with pneumonia, pleurisy and then a viral infection but they wernt sure what or how. Of course Covid and testing wasn't a thing then. Hope you pick up soon.

Needsomegoodnews Fri 08-May-20 13:48:34

@Astrid84 not eligible - breathing not bad enough for hospitalisation and not key worker. I tried to get tested early on but was refused as no community testing by that time .

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