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How do I stay calm when so many either have coronaphobia or are enjoying lockdown too much?

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awaywiththecircus Fri 08-May-20 10:43:08

Out for a walk last night and saw a neighbour who’s furloughed. She took pleasure in saying what a great time she’s having and hoping things carry on like this for a lot longer yet. She doesn’t think she should go back to work anytime soon as she has to meet people face to face and she doesn’t want to catch it. She’s in her 30s, slim and white.
Get back and speak to SIL who won’t be sending dnephew to school if they open in June ‘because children are dying too’ I’m getting so annoyed at the attitude of so many stupid people and it’s like banging my head against a brick wall. I feel like I’ve lost all control of my life and it’s going to carry on forever. Does anyone else know what I mean?sad

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ch3rrycola Fri 08-May-20 10:56:05

Yes I completely know what you mean. People seem to have lost the plot. Nothing has changed for me I've been going to work my normal full time job throughout as a key worker. I wonder if people just sit in their house, watch the news and scare themselves silly.

BigChocFrenzy Fri 08-May-20 10:56:58

Your SIL will decide for herself when / if she sends her DC back
Same as you can

If fewer kids attend for at least the first few months, then it is easier to organise social distancing
So that actually helps others

Even when the government end lockdown, they can't bring back the previous "normal" you enjoyed

They can't actually force most people to go out again,
especially not to go out and spend on non-essentials like restaurants, nail parlours, cinemas etc

Many folk will be skint and building up savings again, or paying off debt,
even if not worried by the virus

Some businesses will not survive with the reduced customers,
especially if their clientele include a significant number of shielded / vulnerable / older people.

Holiday flights are unlikely to return this year

You'll get a lot of things back eventually, but not all

TheOwlandThe Fri 08-May-20 11:03:54

Why are you banging your head against a wall?

I dont understand whats stupid about being concerned about catching a deadly virus?

Im young (20s) slim and healthy. Had the virus and was really fucking ill. Yes I didnt need ICU but was still pretty scary being unable to get enough air in. Im 6 weeks down and still struggle to go for a run/bike ride, when before Id go to the gym 4x a week. Just becuase your less likely to die doesnt mean you wont be affected.

Personally I think we'd be mental to send kids back to school in June.

Basically you just want your life back at the expense of others.

Im getting annoyed with the superior attitude of some posters. Who have no empathy for others. People can make their own fucking choices.

awaywiththecircus Fri 08-May-20 11:04:19

I feel I have no choice though as the fearful seem to be dictating what’s happening moving forward. Read any thread on here and it’s full of reasons why we can’t do anything, not finding ways around them.

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CurlyEndive Fri 08-May-20 11:06:06

Furlough is being wound down isn't it? Your neighbour may not be able to stay off for as long as she wants to.

As for your SIL, I honestly think that if schools reopen in June and most people send their kids in, people like your SIL will do the same (unless they really are vulnerable).

DahliaDay Fri 08-May-20 11:06:35

What has being ‘slim and white’ got to do with it?

awaywiththecircus Fri 08-May-20 11:08:48

@TheOwlandThe you know nothing about my situation. I take it you’re comfortably furloughed or wfh with no money worries and time to help your dc with home Ed. Remember people get ill from other viruses as well and we don’t shut the country down.

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Lucindainthesky Fri 08-May-20 11:10:11

Being worried about this virus isn't stupid. It's the people who aren't worried that are the stupid ones.

AhGoGo Fri 08-May-20 11:10:31

Oh gosh, here we go again with the furlough bashing. All those people living the dream on 80% of minimum wage not knowing if they have a job to go back to but being given the slightest lifeline to still pay rent. The rotters.

awaywiththecircus Fri 08-May-20 11:11:00

@DahliaDay I don’t think I need to explain thathmm

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Camomila Fri 08-May-20 11:12:03

Slim white women are statistically very low risk...I'm slim white and young and when I (probably) had it, it was still as bad as a bad bout of flu with a few days of breathlessness on top.

Hedgehog44 Fri 08-May-20 11:13:22

I've enjoyed my furlough. I didn't ask to be furloughed. You make the best of what life throws at you. When push comes to shove I am going to do what the govt tell me do regarding my job, school etc. And yes I am really scared of catching the virus. I apologise if my health anxiety (of which you know nothing about) offends you.

felineflutter Fri 08-May-20 11:14:10

I think those who are furloughed need to be a bit more modest for sure. A lot seem to have no respect for those that are on the frontline and are treating it like a holiday.

TheOwlandThe Fri 08-May-20 11:15:25

Mate Im an NHS worker 🙄 I work in surgery usually but have been redeployed to a covid ward. I would love for this to end. But its not.

White people arent safe. Its just black people are dying more. Get over yourself.

AhGoGo Fri 08-May-20 11:17:52

I think those who are furloughed need to be a bit more modest for sure.

I’ll put my furlough bikini back in the drawer and only wear my furlough hair shirt when doing my weekly government approved socially distanced shop.

TheOwlandThe Fri 08-May-20 11:18:23

Also I absolutely do not mind if people who are furloughed are enjoying themselves. I dont want others to suffer just because things are harder than usual for me, if people can find positives great.

People will cope with this in different ways.

I imagine being furloughed is actually quite stressful. If thinking you are enjoying it gets you through then fair enough.

awaywiththecircus Fri 08-May-20 11:19:34

It’s not a dig at furloughed people at all. I know a few who will probably loose their homes when it stops. It’s a dig at furloughed who are not prepared to go back to work and will find an excuse because they’re enjoying it too much.

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amber763 Fri 08-May-20 11:21:23

@TheOwlandThe I'm glad you're feeling over the worst! Take care of yourself flowers

SpencerReidsMistress Fri 08-May-20 11:23:59

I didn't realise us furlough were out flaunting ourselves. I hate the furlough basher. Get over yourself. I'm on 80% wage not likely to go back any time soon and a fear of losing more money. I wish I could get another job unfortunately I cannot.

AhGoGo Fri 08-May-20 11:24:40

Let my workplace open and I’ll go back to work. Simple as that really.

Everyday I read all this stuff about how I’m a lazy ungrateful scrounger because of a situation completely out with my control. I’ve never claimed a benefit in my life (apart from 2 years of child benefit) I’m currently receiving about 40% of my monthly salary (service charge isn’t calculated even though it made up a significant part of my salary and I paid tax on it). So I’ve lost 60% of my income but still have all my bills to pay but according to this message board I’m smug, living the life and work shy. While having no workplace to go to and no idea what I’m going back to (while having some serious decision to make of who of my staff I’ll have to make redundant)

Alex50 Fri 08-May-20 11:25:46

Furlough is stressful as we will be the first ones to loose our jobs. Employer’s are coping without us, there income, for most companies is non existent, when the government stop furlough, there will be mass unemployment. There will be thousands applying for one position, even minimum wage roles, if you are working you are the lucky ones.

mackers1 Fri 08-May-20 11:26:21

I'm not slim- or white- but I've been working throughout, with my daughter attending school. I run a business providing some key services, which I hope survives.

I've had to furlough a number of staff. The furlough scheme is far too generous. If someone met 80% of my wages whilst I sat at home, I'd be happy. It has made me think that I probably won't need some of them back though.

The fear instilled into people is going to be a big hurdle in getting the Country going again.

MashedPotatoBrainz Fri 08-May-20 11:26:26

The government have been ramming home the message that people need to stay home to save lives. It's a bit off to now start labelling people stupid who've taken that message on board.

FourTeaFallOut Fri 08-May-20 11:26:44

grin Furlough bikini grin

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