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What's everyone doing with their cars?

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ScarfLadysBag Thu 07-May-20 22:11:04

Just idly wondering this. We haven't been using ours at all. Both WFH and we've had food delivered. DH has been taking them both out once a week for a spin up and down the dual carriageway as he doesn't want the brakes seizing, etc. but I was thinking that's probably not an 'essential journey'. But given he just goes from house to driveway to car and back, I can't imagine it'll upset anyone.

Or will it? grin

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Greendayz Thu 07-May-20 22:15:36

We've driven a few miles to go for a walk every couple of weeks in DH's car, party in order to keep the battery charged. Don't want a flat battery when we need to use it

Mum2jenny Thu 07-May-20 22:16:30

We drive the cars most days as I’m a key worker and my dh works for companies who needs on site support. However if you are not needing to drive regularly, do not put the handbrake on.

Mum2jenny Thu 07-May-20 22:17:11

Unless you park on a hill!!

Godzillasonice Thu 07-May-20 22:17:57

My car battery died a few weeks ago. I managed to get it jump started so now take it for a drive a couple of times a week to keep it going.

Dadnotamum72 Thu 07-May-20 22:18:16

No expert but think with the brakes just a few feet backwards and forwards on you drive would be enough.

beela Thu 07-May-20 22:19:12

One of ours went flat a couple of weeks in, so since then we've been making sure we go for a little drive in both cars at least once a week. We tie it in with either grocery shopping or daily exercise so it's not a separate trip.

MrsAvocet Thu 07-May-20 22:22:00

My DH has been taking ours out to do shopping and to medical appointments. We have two so he has been alternating. Apart from last week when he was self isolating that is. It is about 25 mins drive from our house to the nearest supermarket so at least the cars get a decent run rather than very short journeys which I believe can be damaging.

ScarfLadysBag Thu 07-May-20 22:22:19

@Dadnotamum72 Yes I think you're probably right . I guess it's more the battery that needs a bit of a blast.

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Blibbyblobby Thu 07-May-20 22:23:33

Battery’s flat and one flat tyre. Hasn’t been driven since January. When lockdown lifts we’ll borrow a charger and try and start it. If it starts we’ll pump up the tyre, drive it around to charge the battery and book it into the garage. If it doesn’t I’ll get it scrapped.

ScarfLadysBag Thu 07-May-20 22:24:19

DH took our toddler out today in my car as it's been a while since she's been in her car seat and I was worried she would 'forget' it or be unhappy when we do actually need to go somewhere of note. Thankfully she seemed to enjoy her little jaunt grin

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Nb89 Thu 07-May-20 22:27:17

I drive mine once a fortnite 2 miles there and 2 miles back to the local Tesco for click and collect.
We have 2 cars so we alternate which one we take once a week.
Tomorrow our click and collect his at Asda 8 miles away, that will be the furthestcwe have driven since March 14th!

MrsL2016 Thu 07-May-20 22:28:07

@MrsAvocet I had a problem starting my car after not using it for 2 weeks (self isolation) and then going on 2 very short journeys. My mechanic brother told me I had 'gassed' the engine and should make sure to use it once or twice a week for longer journeys or risk more damage. I now take it to work once a week and take the long way round to the supermarket.

trilbydoll Thu 07-May-20 22:28:56

Our drive means we park one behind each other so we've just been using DH's car for click and collect shops etc.

Really must take mine out this weekend, it hasn't moved for 6 weeks!

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 07-May-20 22:29:38

Shopping because supermarket is quite a way away. Also I've had to go into work a few times so it's had a good burn.

PapsofJura Thu 07-May-20 22:33:45

I take mine out for a wee drive once a week which is quite exciting in itself given that we get our food delivered so I haven’t been anywhere in 7 weeks.

I did hear that you shouldn’t let the battery go flat as that affects the alarm but don’t know if that’s true.

BillyAndTheSillies Thu 07-May-20 22:34:33

DH does trips to his builders yard to check the security once a week and alternates the cars.

RufustheLanglovingreindeer Thu 07-May-20 22:35:35

We have (as a household) 3 cars which we take out about once every 3 weeks

In the last six weeks each car has driven up the motorway once

BobbinThreadbare123 Thu 07-May-20 22:36:25

Yes you can end up with the alarm going off if you let the battery go flat. If you're really planning not to use your car you ought to disconnect the battery.

GetRid Thu 07-May-20 22:36:47

Drove it on a fast road last Sunday, went about 5 miles, then drove back.

It was the first time it had been driven in a month and luckily no problems!

Passthecake30 Thu 07-May-20 22:36:47

My battery flooded and I had to call the Rac. The mechanic then advised me to take it for a drive or leave running on the driveway for 30mins once a week. He said 5 mins more often isn’t enough. So now I take it for a drive once a week, 15mins in one direction, and then back again (exciting...!)

Bellebelle Thu 07-May-20 22:37:07

Drive it once a week to do a supermarket click and collect. Have to sit and pump the brake pedal about 10 times before driving it to get the air out of them. Would have had no idea that I had to do that unless DH had warned me blush

LalalalalaLlama Thu 07-May-20 22:37:28

Driving to childminder, school 1, school 2 and work most days. Supermarket x2 then onto my parents at weekends.

Parkandride Thu 07-May-20 22:38:01

SORNed one, which has a sticky handbrake any way so God help us when we have to move it again...

Using the other for click and collect, medical appointments etc so it's had an outing once a week ish. Still not needed petrol yet

Splitsunrise Thu 07-May-20 22:38:29

There’s a charity where you can donate your car for a few weeks/months to nurses and staff at the local hospital so they can use it safely to get to and from work - the charity insure, clean it before and after etc, service it. Forgotten the name!

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