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France to have geographic zones

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EwwSprouts Thu 07-May-20 21:29:35

I think this could be a sensible way forward here too. Some parts of the UK have not been as badly affected as others. If they have a very low R rate perhaps more restrictions could be lifted than say in Greater London where there is so much reliance on public transport.

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nether Thu 07-May-20 22:43:02

Well we do seem to have offering rates of transmission in UK (presumably by country, as that's how Public Health authorities are arranged) between R0.5 and R0.9 but they haven't said which rate applies where.

I'm guessing from the Sturgeon comments today that Scotland is one of the higher rate areas.

London might be quite low at the moment, but perhaps more vulnerable to increase once people return to using public transport etc. So waiting a bit (on the whole country approach that was foreshadowed today) gives time for all regions rates to reduce, so there's more of a safety margin for when each step of loosening begins

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