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Coronavirus: too many people seem to be interpreting the rules to please themselves sod the vulnerable and the NHS

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Tiramisuiloveyou Thu 07-May-20 17:45:16

I am fed up with people just picking and choosing which part of the rules if any they follow/ignore. As though I will be alright Jack and so I can go where I like and do what I please.
My beauticians teenage son is hanging about with other teens not socially distancing etc. I don't think i could go back to her now even if rules are lifted because of this. I am vulnerable due to underlying health issues. Although GP’s surgery told me I should be in the shielding group i am yet to receive a letter.
My elderly mother late 70’s wanders about to the shops (yet three adult children can get food for her) saying yes I only went for a loaf or bread pint of milk (as though that makes it ok).
Friend visited dying relative on a covid ward with her teenage daughter. The doctors told her she should isolate for 14 days after visit as high risk (she managed to days) she has been exercising (cycling on mountainous terrain) to supermarkets and to clap at someones funeral etc etc and its still not 14 days.
NDN’s have had umpteen visitors most days their garden they sit socially distant but she brings them coffees and biscuits/cakes.
NDN the other side had two visitors last week with young children who were playing on the families trampoline.
Packs of cyclists out on a jaunt etc etc.
They are all ok and probably will survive it but what about elderly relatives, vulnerable friends and family or people they encounter who may have an undiagnosed underlying health issue.

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monkeytennis97 Thu 07-May-20 17:46:46

Agree. Sick of ndn of mine having family and friends over

cologne4711 Thu 07-May-20 17:47:29

I obviously live in a very law abiding place. Everyone seems to be following the rules except for the people screaming around in their cars but they'd be doing that anyway.

StinkyWizzleteets Thu 07-May-20 17:50:34

My aunt died of covid yesterday - so I’m seriously pissed off at all my neighbours who think it’s ok to still socialise with family and friends and head out multiple times in a day. Lockdown isn’t easy for any of us but it’s never going to bloody go away if people keep thinking they’re immune to the rules or the disease

Tiramisuiloveyou Thu 07-May-20 21:09:38

I think some people naively think they will be immune so don't care so no way are they staying at home (not exercising for hours and hours on end), not going round to see friends and family as often as they fancy and they will go to the shops as often as they fancy etc. I think many will be embracing each other and having celebratory gatherings without any social distancing before very much longer too easily forgetting the illnesses and the deaths.
I hope I can continue to work from home until at least September but as I share a very small office with another member of staff who works at the opposite end of the week to me I am dreading sharing/using the office a keyboard, phone etc. I also conduct interviews with members if the public in the office and often have to share a phone (which i am dreading).

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BeforeIPutOnMyMakeup Thu 07-May-20 21:12:42

OP just stay well away from them.

Unfortunately it will take one of them to catch it and suffer badly before they take it seriously.

Stuckforthefourthtime Thu 07-May-20 21:18:28

Another one? We must live in a boring part of London, we're all hanging out in our back gardens and the closest anyone seems to get to breaking lockdown is throwing someone's football back over or the bloke from a few doors down whose wife says he is meant to be shielding but has occasionally been seen walking around the park before breakfast.

Honestly? Yes, it's crap but if you can't do anything about their behaviour then I also can't see why you would get into a lather. It hurts your equilibrium and they clearly don't give a toss about others so won't care.

ssd Thu 07-May-20 21:18:34

I hadn't seen anyone breaking the lockdown rules until the other night when I was out a walk I turned a corner and walked into a group of women all together, shouting bye lovely to see you to someone in a house, I stared at them as I was so surprised they started having a go at me for staring and I walked on. I noticed the next day a big happy 40th in the house window the women all came out of. And a big THANK YOU NHS too. Unbelievable fucking idiots.

Tiramisuiloveyou Thu 07-May-20 21:27:00

Yep covidiots my mums next door neighbour has three rainbow posters in the window, she has a teenage daughter living in the house with her (and her girlfriend comes and goes staying for a few days then disappearing for a few days).

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Ilets Thu 07-May-20 21:30:48

It's never going away anyway, what makes you think it is, StinkyWizzleTeats??

Lockdown is just to keep it ticking over slowly rather than overwhelming us all at ince. Essentially it makes no difference if some people break it. You do you, keep on staying home and staying safe til it's time to go out with caution or whateverthefuck slogan we get next

inwood Thu 07-May-20 21:33:34

I don't know and haven't seen anyone breaking the rules!

Thing is it isn't going to magically disappear once lockdown is over.

We need at least a semi functioning economy and people need to see people.

I don't know what the answer is apart from you have to do what you have to do to protect yourself.

Pomegranatepompom Thu 07-May-20 22:16:14

I agree- there are people posting on here justifying why they need to break lockdown. They become unpleasant if anyone disagrees, some of the comments have been pretty awful. Disappointing that people can be so selfish.

RedLentilYellowLentil Thu 07-May-20 23:30:14

I noticed the next day a big happy 40th in the house window the women all came out of. And a big THANK YOU NHS too.

Yes, the hypocrisy is breathtaking, isn't it? My NDN has had friends and family over every weekend since lockdown began. This evening she was out in her garden clapping and cheering for the NHS at 8pm for the first time. I said to my DH, 'Why's she clapping? She hasn't been doing it any other week.' He's much taller than me, so he could see over her fence and said, 'Oh, she's got friends over, so I guess they wanted to...'

I mean, wtff?

ssd Fri 08-May-20 15:41:04


ssd Fri 08-May-20 15:42:39

I really don't get the folk ignoring the rules. As if they're special. Don't they care about others, or do they just live in a bubble??

DominaShantotto Fri 08-May-20 15:47:08

I don't get the folk getting their pants moist with delight making up rules and trying to force other people to enforce them either.

ssd Fri 08-May-20 15:49:30

Who is making up rules?
And who says getting their pants moist? FFS

TabbyMumz Fri 08-May-20 16:23:02

My neighbours have pretty much carried on as before, childrens friends over couple of times a week, boyfriend who didnt live there before lockdown becomes and goes a few nights a week, goes out several times a day in the car. Lockdown has seriously been no different for her.

Ashesandwine Fri 08-May-20 16:37:17

Your neighbours don’t sound great but you also don’t know what situations people are in. We broke lockdown 3 weeks ago now when my brother dropped his kids off at ours for three hours, kids were laughing and playing in our garden and my DH was spraying them with a super soaker - however they were at ours because my SIL was rushed to hospital for an emergency c-section and someone had to mind the kids. When he came to collect them we all chatted outside for a while to hear the news and obviously as we had already been in contact (his kids are little so I had to lift/carry/bring them to toilet).

We then re-isolated for 3 weeks. It’s just myself and my DH and we did click and collect shops where they throw the shopping in your boot and we didn’t see anyone. However yesterday we met my other brother and his GF. They had been isolating completely since March 17th but are due back in work for a week on Monday. We met them as i have a medical appointment next week and will be gong to hospital and they will be mixing with people in work so for us it made sense to meet now and not in a weeks time when we're actually allowed to meet. If we did this there would be more chance of us catching it than meeting now during lockdown.

This thing is not going away and myself and my DH have been incredibly sensible not having seen anyone or even gone into a shop since March 15th bar caring for the kids in an emergency and meeting my brother when chances of infection were lowest and not when the government says we can. I’m sure to our neighbours we look like we don’t care.

I am happy with our decision. When everyone is meeting up with family in the next 2-3 weeks I will be isolating again as I will have been in hospital. People need to be sensible now about their interactions with others as this is going to continue for the rest of the year.

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