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To wonder when eyebrow threading kiosks will reopen

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phoebemakesnoise Thu 07-May-20 16:17:00

Totally unimportant in the grand scheme of things, but I've had my eyebrows threaded for years by a fab lady in one of the shopping centre kiosks and since lockdown I'm now resembling Frida Kahlo. I wouldn't dare touch them myself as I'm rubbish at anything beauty related! I think I'm dreaming if I think they will be allowed to reopen anytime soon as I obviously can't see how they can safely social distance?

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ExclamationPerfume Thu 07-May-20 16:45:40

Beauty places and hairdressers will be the last places to open I imagine.

Cornettoninja Thu 07-May-20 16:57:20

I only have mine threaded twice a year or so and then follow the shape in between with tweezers to keep them tidy. So basically my advice would be to have a bash sooner rather than later so you’ve still got something to follow.

One tip I found really useful is to use a concealer to draw on the shape you want and only tweeze the hairs not covered in concealer. It’s not fool proof but it really helps.

HappyHammy Thu 07-May-20 16:59:45

Whenever they do open I imagine they will no longer be allowed to use their teeth

phoebemakesnoise Thu 07-May-20 17:01:16

Cornettoninja I so wish I had done that earlier on, but they've grown out now and have totally lost their shape sad

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cinammonbuns Thu 07-May-20 17:02:13

@HappyHammy yeah I’m sur ether government are going to be putting strict regulations in on eyebrow threading parlours hmm

shushymcshush Thu 07-May-20 17:03:13

Ewwww yeah the teeth thing vom!

Alicemovedtothecity Thu 07-May-20 17:06:27

I’m desperately need my eyebrows doing...they have gone pass the point of no return so me doing them is out of the question at the moment! I’m trying to blend them with concealer grin

Think beauty places will be one of the last to opensad

phoebemakesnoise Thu 07-May-20 17:09:41

@Alicemovedtothecity mine too! I'm quite dark and hairy so I think it makes a big difference to my face when they are overgrown 😂

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