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What are the chances of pulling through with 3+ comorbidities

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questionsquestionsquestion Thu 07-May-20 12:46:12

I know, probably nobody knows but just thought I'd give it a whirl and ask anyway.. So unfortunately my good friend has caught coronavirus from hospital when she was getting dialysis. She was negative when she was admitted and was isolating due to her health problems but still had to go hospital to get her dialysis. At the moment the only symptoms she has is that her temperature is up and down.

She doesn't have any other symptoms however she has comorbidities including hypertension, diabetes, kidney failure (she's on dialysis 3x a week), also quite overweight but that's mainly caused by her kidneys so she's very swollen bless her. I am getting so worried about her getting worse.

It has been about 9 days from when her symptoms first started, she tested positive 5 days ago. Can people with so many health issues still pull through this? She's not struggling for breath at the moment, her oxygen sats range between 90-97%, going up and down throughout. Temp was over 39c but now it is around 37c and a bit more and that's without any fever reducing medication.

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Namechangervaver Thu 07-May-20 12:59:06

I'm really sorry to hear about your friend. Hopefully she will recover soon.

I just wanted to say that I know people are keen for the NHS to get back to doing routine things but I really think NHS workers are the superspreaders at the moment.

I think it was absolutely the right thing to stop the face to face appointments or god knows what the death toll would be now. Makes me worry about things going back to normal.

PuzzledObserver Thu 07-May-20 13:28:20

I can’t tell you the statistics, I’m afraid, but I am sure that some people with multiple comorbities do pull through.

If it’s any comfort, people who go on to develop severe disease usually go downhill after a week, it looks like she’s beyond that if she’s on day 9.

FabulouslyElegantTits Thu 07-May-20 13:38:36

I'm sure the worse 'percentage' is about 85% ... I imagine your friend will be fine, if she is on day 9 I think she is nearly out of the woods (days 7-10 are the troublesome ones I think)

Porcupineinwaiting Thu 07-May-20 13:52:21

The truth is, no one can tell you. It depends on the form the disease takes with her, and no one currently understands what determines that. COVID can damage kidney function which may be of particular concern to your friend but if she is already a kidney patient needing dialysis they will already be monitring that carefully.

It is very good news that her lungs are functioning well. Hold onto that.

Also, bear in mind it can take months to recover from COVID so just because she is not "better" within a few days doesn't mean she wont eventually get there.

ShastaBeast Thu 07-May-20 14:53:27

Once past day 8-12 she should be ok, that’s the danger zone reported so far. Plus most people, even if over 80, don’t die. I suspect most people have a better chance of living than otherwise.

nolovelost Fri 08-May-20 19:02:45

@questionsquestionsquestion I'm worried about about a friend whose problem is identical to yours. The virus hasn't gone to her chest yet but I'm afraid that it's heading that way, as she's so ill. Sounds awful but when she was told to shield all those weeks ago, they said if she was to catch it, there was an 80% chance she'd die.

Of course I've told her that she'll fight it and that lots of very vulnerable people recover. I'm still very worried about her though.

questionsquestionsquestion Thu 28-May-20 15:15:06

Hi all.

I just wanted to update that she has now fully recovered from covid 19 and got re tested which came back negative. Her oxygen levels dropped below 90% on many occasions and she was really struggling to breathe and continue, but thank goodness she got through it.

She's been so strong and incredibly amazing. Just wanted to put the good news out there that those with co-morbidities doesn't mean it is the end. Take care and keep safe everyone x

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questionsquestionsquestion Thu 28-May-20 15:16:01

@nolovelost I hope she has overcome it now? Fingers crossed that she's come through the other side ((x'd))

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StrawberryJam200 Thu 28-May-20 15:37:15

Fab news OP, thanks for letting us know!

HairyFloppins Thu 28-May-20 15:39:26

Glad your friend is ok OP.

babychange12 Thu 28-May-20 15:39:27

Thank you for the lovely update op thanks

DramaAlpaca Thu 28-May-20 15:39:42

That's great to hear. Glad your friend has recovered.

JustSew Thu 28-May-20 15:40:26

Lovely to hear some good news as someone with a long list of co-morbidities (what a horrible phrase).

ihatethecold Thu 28-May-20 15:41:40

Wonderful news.

ITonyah Thu 28-May-20 15:42:31

I am very happy to hear this.

Also, bear in mind it can take months to recover from COVID

Not the experience of the 3 people I know who had it.

walkingchuckydoll Thu 28-May-20 15:51:29


That's just anecdotal really. One of my cousins felt ill for 10 weeks.

nolovelost Sat 30-May-20 13:12:55

@questionsquestionsquestion Hi that's fabulous news I'm chuffed.

Yes my friend came out the other side too (sounds terrible but I didn't think she would) but it just goes to show that a big amount of people with very complex medical problems actually survive it. It's amazing. X

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