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My marriage is suffering big time!

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Littlemiss74 Thu 07-May-20 10:56:24

If my DH doesn’t go back to work soon my marriage is going to be in big trouble. Terribly strained and stressful. Arguing and irritable. Feel like absolute shit. That is all. Anyone else?

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SassenachWitch Thu 07-May-20 11:02:20

You have my sympathies, luckily DP and I are both still working, just the thought of being cooped up together 24/7 is enough to drive me insane.

I mean I love DP, but you need a break from each other, don't you?

BamboozledandBefuddled Thu 07-May-20 11:09:43

Ours is definitely strained. I don't work (carer for DM) and DH is furloughed. One bedroom flat, small balcony that doesn't get any sun after 9 a.m. Both diagnosed with PTSD/severe anxiety last year. I am frantically hoping that lockdown will be eased enough next week to allow us to actually go and sit in a park for an hour or so each day - I'm desperate to get some time on my own and try and get my head together again. I'm not saying we're at the point of our marriage falling apart but it's a seriously shit situation.

Littlemiss74 Thu 07-May-20 11:10:53

Yes you do @SassenachWitch we are snapping at each other constantly. I feel trapped. I am in higher risk group so have been worried about when the time comes for him to return to work but now I don’t care, I want him to go, I need some space. I am worried what this means for us as we just aren’t getting on at all.

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Spacemonkey2016 Thu 07-May-20 11:12:10

I'm currently sat with my 3 year and 4 month old in my son's bedroom to get away from my working from home partner. Honestly, feels like I'm living in hell. So you're not the only one, OP. Sending hugs.

AnxiousElephant77 Thu 07-May-20 11:14:11

My dp is still working but the weekends are difficult as we normally have so much on, and now there's nothing to do. I'm also snapping at him when he comes in, and picking fights because I'm bored and overthinking. I do feel a bit resentful of him that he is going to work, and I'm sure he feels resentful of me that I'm furloughed on full pay and still complaining!

It's a pressure cooker, it really is.

BarbiesWorld Thu 07-May-20 11:31:02

I'm honestly expecting a separation by this time next year if things carry on as they are at the moment. DH is the biggest pain in my arse at the moment and I just want to scream. 4 year old DD and 3 month DS are basically being ignored by him as he plays his PlayStation all day like he's a teenager in summer holiday 🙄 I've given up asking for help because I just get attitude and he'll do the absolute bare minimum when he does do something. I'm meant to be enjoying my mat leave and instead I'm stuck at home with a man child and it's shit.

beemovie2 Thu 07-May-20 12:17:07

Has he changed or always been this useless?

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