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Coronavirus: stay home and make fun...

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George441 Thu 07-May-20 05:29:13

Let's do something entertaining...
Someone asked me to solve that equation and i did it.
Can you...???😃 😎
A + A = B
B + 2B = C
A + C = D
B - B + 2C + 2D = ?

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bellinisurge Thu 07-May-20 07:29:49

I'm not fully awake but I will have this as an .... I'm thinking the word would be "eye worm" and not "ear worm" ... anyway, I'll probably realise I have no hope of resolving it by about 3.30 pm.

bellinisurge Thu 07-May-20 07:31:33

Zero is my first attempted answer . (Told you it would bug me)

pretzele Thu 07-May-20 07:35:51


KeepWashingThoseHands Thu 07-May-20 08:01:34

Ooh I thought this was gonna be guess the new slogan!

George441 Thu 07-May-20 11:21:06

Wrong answer...

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George441 Thu 07-May-20 11:22:46


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FinallyHere Thu 07-May-20 11:24:36

Wot no brackets?


Riponresident Thu 07-May-20 11:25:56


George441 Thu 07-May-20 11:36:12


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Riponresident Thu 07-May-20 11:45:14

OK, going through it logically:

D = A + C so 2D is 2A + 2C
C = B+ 2B = 3B so 2C is 2x3B so 2C is 6B
In B-B+2C+2D, B-B cancels itself out, leaving 2C+2D
2C is 6B and 2D is 2A + 2C, so 2C+2D = 6B + 6B + 2A = 12B + 2A
2A = B so it is 12B + B = 13B.

JaneJeffer Thu 07-May-20 11:51:30


George441 Fri 08-May-20 20:22:42

Wrong answer...bro,...

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Bambi356 Fri 08-May-20 20:51:55

Is it 26A?

George441 Fri 08-May-20 21:07:05

Your answer is correct...
But the Answer is 26A which means Z.

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Riponresident Sat 09-May-20 09:06:28

Erm I hate to break it to you 'bro', but 26A is the same as 13B as the very first thing we learn is that A is twice the size of B.

Telling me I'm wrong is like telling a child they're wrong when they say 2+3=5 because you thought they should actually be saying 3+2=5!

I came back in case you actually ever have to help someone with maths because 26A is no more right (or wrong) than 13B (unless of course the question says 'give your answer in terms of A).

Sincerely, someone who has A level maths.

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