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PurpleThistles84 Thu 07-May-20 08:58:14

I haven’t been furloughed, as I am a SAHM, however I do have a lifetimes experience of anxiety and depression.

If you were to be made redundant, you would be entitled to universal credit, which includes a lone parent element. You should also currently get child benefit. Do you receive child support from the father? Depending on the age of your child you should be entitled to a certain amount of free nursery.

Now is a good time to look at doing a budget. Use your bank statements to work out all of your outgoings and all of your income. Use the benefit calculator at the website turn2us to get an idea of what your uc entitlement should be and also to see if there are any other benefits you are entitled to.

If you don’t receive child support at the very least the father could pay for the football.

What is important to remember, is that all of this is temporary. You absolutely will manage, just ask for support whenever you need it. You are worrying over things that you may not even need to be worried about but it won’t do any harm and help you feel a bit more control to take stock of your finances and options.

eyesbiggerthanstomach Thu 07-May-20 08:49:49

Bump anyone?

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eyesbiggerthanstomach Thu 07-May-20 01:37:54

I have recently been informed I have been put on furlough.

I'm struggling not to take it personally. I'm worried about my job security and am now freaking myself out by calculating how much I would get in universal credit if I am made redundant. I am worrying I will lose my house as won't be able to pay the mortgage, I'm worried I can't afford even 1 day of nursery for my toddler. He has been going since he was a baby for 5 days a week and it is good for his social development amongst other things. I'm worrying I can't pay for his extra classes like football that he keeps pestering me about and wants to go back to. I'm worried I'm going to have to move in with family. I'm recently separated. My mind is going to a dark place and running away from me and I can't sleep. My heart is currently pounding and skipping beats.

I have had depression and anxiety and my anxiety is now through the roof. I am on anti depressants but with this new development it's just not working.

Anyone who has been on furlough for a while, does the anxiety pass after the initial shock?

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