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SANDY2016 Wed 06-May-20 23:38:12

I'm 39 and I tested positive for carona virus 14days ago I have no underlying health conditions and had it that bad I was in intensive care unit for 11days I was told I may die and I now see people saying it's not a serious situation and there sick of lockdown it makes me so angry I saw things in hospital I'm now having councilling for people need to stay home

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ClimbDad Wed 06-May-20 23:46:08

Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re on the mend. Yes, it’s a serious illness. Surprised people are so keen to risk catching it.

TurtleTortoise Thu 07-May-20 00:19:18

I'd rather die of it than carry on like this.

Sparklingbrook Thu 07-May-20 00:20:32

Seems everyone gets it differently.

ofwarren Thu 07-May-20 00:29:51

How are you feeling now?
We are shielding so haven't been out for a very long time.

SANDY2016 Thu 07-May-20 00:32:46

I'm very weak and I'll I'm survive ING on SSP not great and it could be ages before I'm ok they say

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