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Any one been furloughed and not received payment yet?

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Sodamncold Wed 06-May-20 17:16:13

I still haven’t!

Sodamncold Wed 06-May-20 17:16:51

My lovely boss transferred to me and I will transfer back to him as soon as paid on. But still not paid in!

HeartZone Wed 06-May-20 17:19:15

If you’re employed it’s up to the company to put their furlough claim in to HMRC, you should get paid a# normal by your co. You don’t owe your boss back!

DullPortraits Wed 06-May-20 17:21:54

Furlough is paid by your employer then THEY claim the money back from the government.. your employer has not just done you a favour

PrincessConsuelaBananahamm0ck Wed 06-May-20 18:44:45

Yep, as above. Its up to your employer to pay you as normal (or 80% of normal if they can't afford to top it up to 100%). The employer then claims the money back from the government and should receive it within 6 days. Your employer should probably already know this....I'd have a chat ASAP if I were you!

WitchDancer Wed 06-May-20 18:49:21

Once the employer has made the application to the government for the furlough grant it is paid into the company bank account in 6 days. There is no reason why your employer shouldn't have done this and paid you.

I would be contacting them and asking what is going on.

mrsbyers Wed 06-May-20 18:50:38

As above the Gov pay the company not the individual - are you sure they have completed the forms to request it ? I would check

LeafTea Wed 06-May-20 18:53:35

You are supposed to get laid by your employer on the same day as your regular payday.

I got my first one on 1st April.

DonnaDarko Wed 06-May-20 19:09:27

My lovely boss transferred to me and I will transfer back to him as soon as paid on. But still not paid in!

Omg don't do this

I still don't know how people don't understand how the scheme works.

You should still get paid by your employer as normal, they need to claim it from the government as they receive the funds directly. You should still get a payslip and get taxed as normal.

You needed to have signed a letter agreeing to be furloughed and they need to submit their claim on the .gov website

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