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Do we need " this morning " and " loose women" ...

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Lifeisshortandbitterswet Wed 06-May-20 17:11:18

When I'm having to explain to our end of life care residents that despite people on TV filming things closely together , their relatives and friends can't visit them untill they are very close to actual death ... Sorry to post , I'm just genuinely baffled by life right now ...

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Pinkblueberry Wed 06-May-20 17:25:53

I though loose women we’re just showing re-runs? But yes I completely agree with you. I find it baffling too that This Morning has somehow been deemed an ‘essential service’. Pretty sure I’ve missed absolutely nothing of any importance by not watching it...

Thisismytimetoshine Wed 06-May-20 17:27:09

You're not wrong... flowers

Lifeisshortandbitterswet Wed 06-May-20 22:51:53

Thank you for your replies , I'm glad it's not just me or my colleagues who have thought this .. some of our residents are fairly young ( 40's up ) and have full mental capacity , so are understandably questioning why it's ok for TV people to " socially distance" during current filming but they can't see their family or friends .. we spoke about it alot at work today with them , as a few were genuinely confused by why it's ok for rich TV presenters to go into work for what is in all honesty a non essential type of programme.
Even a gentlemen with a type of dementia asked why they aren't filming using it today's technology.. I genuinely had no answers to give them. It's very sad .

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