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Hospital visiting

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Paper7i Wed 06-May-20 15:29:48

Does anyone think they will ease up on allowing relatives to visit patients in the hospital on wards?

I am desperate to see my relative (Not COVID)

Thanks if anyone can offer an insight

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Layladylay234 Wed 06-May-20 16:24:40

Similar theme as I'm due to have a C section in 3 weeks and I'm keeping a very close on eye on what Trusts are doing re birth partners on postnatal wards. I know a few up North (Stockport, Withenshaw Warrington) who's policy never changed/only changed slightly. Last week some Trusts were saying they were going to be testing all pregnant women being admitted for Covid. This week Southampton have announced they will test birth partners and if negative,they can go onto postnatal ward.

I get the feeling this might be the way they start to go for hospital visiting. E.g. only 1 person and they have to be tested. I don't know how this works as I was under the impression that it took 48 hours to get results. But clearly there's another test that takes less time.

redtickreturn Wed 06-May-20 16:55:55

It's highly unlikely.

Ward staff cannot socially distance as it is (think of all the doctors, nurses, HCAs, pharmacists, OT, physio, SALT, dieticians, outreach teams, mobile radiology, phlebotomy and their trolleys etc - so many people at any one time on a ward all with the need to do their job to get the patient well and out of hospital) plus all the patients. There's no way you could allow each patient 1 visitor as that could add another 28 people into the mix at any one time.

Paper7i Wed 06-May-20 17:09:57


Thank you it's useful to have this insight and I think it was my feeling too. It seems wrong as all those staff will be in the community mixing even if it's just to the shop and with their families and with other staff. I just want to see my son and I am trying to understand when I can do that. I don't know if all NHS staff are being screed for COVID now?

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redtickreturn Wed 06-May-20 17:14:02

Most of us aren't mixing. I haven't been anywhere except work and home since lockdown started as I know I'm risky to be around! Most of my team know that due to our work, we won't be seeing our more vulnerable family members for a long time even if the lockdown lifts.

redtickreturn Wed 06-May-20 17:14:30

Oh and no, we aren't being swabbed unless symptomatic and otherwise able to return to work.

Paper7i Wed 06-May-20 18:10:50


Ok, so I guess I will just have to wait, it's just upsetting me so much. He did pick up Covid on the ward but he is fine from that now. My son is a young adult and needs me to be with him. The lockdown is causing so much distress. I am in the vulnerable category but feel I would take my chances just to be with him,

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Pipandmum Wed 06-May-20 18:12:32

No. My friend is undergoing chemo and been told her husband can not accompany her within the hospital for the foreseeable.

CourtneyB123 Wed 06-May-20 18:29:01

Hi, currently only end of life can be visited 1 at a time. But, it could be different across trusts so worth calling the ward and asking?

Paper7i Wed 06-May-20 19:14:37


Thanks for your reply. been told emphatically no visitors at this point.

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CourtneyB123 Wed 06-May-20 21:20:47

Oh sorry to hear that! Hope you're son is well. Things are changing all the time so just see what happens in the weeks upcoming x

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