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Will CV19 affect your mindset money wise?

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Racoonworld Wed 06-May-20 12:55:17

Yes, we are already ringfencing savings in case one of us loses our job instead of using them for house improvements. We will be trying to save a lot more from now on rather than spending it all!

felineflutter Wed 06-May-20 11:54:21

Yes I will be spending modestly and DS's expensive time consuming(4 days per week involving travel to major city badly affected by CV) hobby/training will probably stop.

btsky Wed 06-May-20 11:34:20

Are you likely to save more money going forward in case another “rainy day” comes along in the future.


More likely to spend more as you only live once.

I know this won’t apply to everyone as some can’t save due to income/expenditure being similar but I was thinking about my own circumstances and that I am likely to start saving more as my job doesn’t feel as safe now and my small savings don’t feel enough if the worse comes to the worst. I plan to cut back on what I deem unnecessary. The cup of Coffee from Costa a day, the sandwich from the sandwich shop for lunch, cutting back on clothes and the like.

Should a lot of people think like this then it will have a knock on effect on the economy which isn’t ideal given the fall this had had.

On the flip side there is the only live once argument which this illness has highlighted.

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