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Going back to work after symptoms/positive or negative swab

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Cusano34 Wed 06-May-20 10:40:13

Hi all,

I developed symptoms in mid march...unsure if they were related to the virus (cough, short of breath, had an ECG all fine) isolated for a week and stayed off work and returned as my cough and breathing improved. This was all before testing was available and my work were very happy for me to go back. I also felt a lot better.

About 4 weeks ago my cough came back and since I have had more SOB, cough is still bad, some stomach issues, a few headaches and just general fatigue. I had a test and it was negative but I am not sure how much I trust them! I was in a & e for palps about 10 days ago and all OBS were fine apart from slightly fast heart rate.

I haven't had to stay in bed much, no fever I don't think but my cough and SOB are still here. This is my 3rd week at home and have been signed off next week too but i'm gonna have to go back sometime.

I'm a secretary for Heart Failure at the local Hospital. The advice is 3 days with no fever and a negative test and we can return.

Has anyone else had symptoms and returned to work? Regardless of test outcome and severity etc. I'm interested in other peoples stories and advice for this!

Sorry for the long boring story and thanks for replying! smile

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